2014 Scion FR-S Widebody Powered by Cosworth


RallySport Direct’s 2014 Scion FR-S


Cosworth Stage 1.1 Kit(Cosworth air filter, catback, thermostat and reflash)
Cosworth Stage 0.3
Cosworth Stage 2 Supercharger
Koyo Radiator
Koyo 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap
Mishimoto Black Radiator Hoses
Greddy Hood Dampers

Cusco RS 1.5 way LSD
Cusco Rear Differential Cover
PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Prova Steering Wheel
Cusco/Bride Stradia II seats
Takata 3inch Harnesses
Essex Harness Bar
TRD Leather Shift Knob 6MT
Kartboy Short Throw Shifter Combo

Tra Kyoto Rocket Bunny V.2 Widebody Kit
Custom APR Front Wind Splitter
APR GT-250 wing 67inch wingspan
Tom’s Tail Lights
TRD Carbon Fiber Fender Fins
Beatrush Rear Tow Hook
Prova Wide-View Door Mirrors Blue

Front: Volk ZE40 18×10 +39 
Rear: Volk ZE40 18×12 +20 
Wheel Mate 25mm 5×100 to 5×114.3 Adapters
Greddy Extended 12×1.25 Lug Nut Blue
Toyo R888 295/30/18 Rear
Toyo R888 255/35/18 Front

Front: Brembo GT 355×22 2-piece Rotor, 6-piston calipers – custom white color
Rear: Brembo GT 345×28 2-piece Rotor, 4-piston calipers – custom white color

KW Clubsport Coilovers
Beatrush Front Bumper Beam
TRD Door Stabilizers
Cusco Front Lower Arm Powerbrace
Cusco Front Member Powerbrace
Cusco Rear Member Side Powerbrace
Cusco Power Brace Rear Member
Cusco Front Sway Bar 20mm
Cusco Rear Sway Bar 16mm
Cusco Adjustable Rear Trailing Rod
Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushings
Whiteline Differential Mount Cradle Inserts
Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit
Whiteline Front Roll Center Kit 

A Brief history of our FR-S

It made it! A good cleaning was needed before we started to cut, grind and weld for the widebody.

Operation is almost complete. Test fitting wheels to check clearances.

So much meat, the Rocket Bunny fenders should cover these up perfectly.

Near perfection.

With the Widebody done, we needed some power. Enter the Cosworth Supercharger kit.

261 WHP/206.5 WTQ and a nice flat torque curve makes this car a blast to drive!

There is always more when it comes to suspension tuning, but we are doing pretty good so far.


Because we had to build the car for SEMA, we had to throw quite a few parts on it all at once. But we tried to get the car as dialed in as possible while looking as good as it could.


The first thing we wanted to address was the suspension, and we wanted to go with something that would be more oriented towards the track so the obvious option was the KW Clubsport Coilovers.


With the Coilovers installed, we felt like we needed a bit more meat on the wheels to fit our widebody kit, and what better choice than some Toyo R888 Tires?

Even though SEMA is mainly about the exterior of the vehicle, we wanted to make sure it looked as good on the inside so we opted for some Cusco Bride Stradia Seats along with a Prova Steering Wheel and Takata Harnesses. We think it turned out pretty good 🙂


Not being content with the brakes, we wanted something a bit larger and we reached out to Stoptech to secure a ST Big Brake Kit front and rear in their beautiful blue color. We also installed the Cusco Swaybars and the Whiteline roll center kit to give the car a bit more sharpness and to help correct suspension geometry.

So far the car is coming along nicely, but what about having that extra *pop* factor for SEMA? We gave our friends at APR Performance a call and they made us a custom front splitter specific for our Rocket Bunny Kit and hooked us up with a GTC Rear Wing for a bit more downforce.

And just for the cherry on top, the TRD Carbon Fiber Fender Fins.

We were incredibly happy with how the car turned out for SEMA, and all in all we had a blast there too!

So after SEMA, what do we do now? Well, since the car did not have to look pretty anytime soon, we went out to celebrate! We were able to rent a private track for the day and tried to take full advantage of that.

It was amazing to finally be able to drive the car you have been working so long and hard on for the last few months. Why not, right?


We soon found out that the car would have to be at SEMA again, perhaps the track use was a bit premature? Nah, the car handled it like a champ, we just needed to find a way to make it a bit different that how it went before, so we started thinking about what we could do? How about some super aggressive looking Canards and Diffuser from Driveway Labs? Perfect!


We also wanted to change the wing as you can see above, so we opted for the GTC-300 airfoil from APR. We also wanted to make sure we change the wheel and brake setup, so we thought the Volk ZE30 and the Brembo brakes would be perfect for the look we were going for.



We also needed to change up the interior a bit as well, so our friends over at Cusco sent us their full bolt in cage that had used on their demo car. Perfect fit.


With the car being used to help promote Cosworth, they sent us a small present one day that really got us all excited. Their ICD Display showed-up as a working demo and I could not wait to get it installed into the car, and it just so happened that the factory gauge cluster is almost a perfect fit with a bit of modification.


We were super happy with the Interior and wanted to move underneath the car. We wanted to make the car even more race oriented, so we reached out to our good friend at MooreSport International as he build some of the highest quality parts for rally and road cars around the world. We decided to go with their front control arms and rear Toe Arms to compliment our Cusco pieces. Absolutely beautiful.


We were incredibly pleased with how the car turned out, and we think the pictures speak for themselves. Now of course we have other smaller parts we did not talk about here, but with how quickly we had to get this car built it was difficult to document every little thing. We still have big plans for this car so make sure to check back for more updates and photos!