LIC Motorsports STi Point Reyes Photoshoot


LIC has brought their car out to Point Reyes to give it a proper photoshoot. Point Reyes is located in the North San Francisco Bay Area and is known to get foggy throughout certain parts of the year. The fog gives these pictures a cool effect as well as help create the light diffusion. Definitely an awesome car and awesome location guys!

Pictures courtesy of Dude Photography.

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RallySport Direct’s 2009 Labor Day Sale!

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Orange County Choppers 1st Annual All Subaru Meet (Pictures)

A couple months ago, we told you about the OCC 1st Annual All Subaru Meet which took place this past Saturday. To recap, this was an event thrown by Orange County Choppers to help benefit ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The turnout was great despite the weather. We are excited that so many Subies came out to this event to help support a great cause! Much thanks to Zack and X.D. Photography for providing the pictures. If anyone else has any pictures for this event, please feel free to email them to and we’d be more than happy to put them up.

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***9-10-09 Update***


More pics courtesy of Rally Armor and Panda Factory. Please click the banner above to proceed

Subaru Legacy B4 Super GT Test Run at Fuji Speedway

This beast here is R&D Sport’s car for the Super GT series. It is a 2010 Subaru Legacy B4 built to compete in the GT300 class. It is powered by the EJ20 and piloted by Tetsuya Yamano and Shogo Mitsuyama. The footage here shows the car doing some test runs out at Fuji Speedway.

The Super GT racing series in Japan was formerly known as JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Championship). Super GT consists of two racing classes, the GT300 and GT500. The 300 and 500 signifies the maximum amount of brake horsepower for that given class. Air restrictors are used to regulate the power for each vehicle and ballasts are used to regulate the weight of each vehicle. This in turn helps to create an even playing field and makes it more competitive.

The next race that the R&D Sport Legacy B4 car will be competing in will be  next month on 9-12-09 to 9-13-09. This will be Round 7 of the season and will take place at the Fuji Speedway. We are excited to see how this Legacy B4 will do against the other cars in it’s class.

Kwin’s STi


This out-of the ordinary STi belongs to our warehouse manager, Kwin. It has undergone major changes in the past year, namely the custom cage, wheels, wing riser, tow hook, and front lip. The stance is extremely aggressive and looks like something straight out of D1 drifting.



He is currently rockin’ a custom 30-point Cusco rally cage, something that’s bound to keep you safe no matter what. He recently also made another addition that is something very unique, his tow hook. Sure you could hook it up using the bumper beam but that just ain’t Kwin, so he fabricated this one through his hood. He also was fortunate enough to acquire a Cusco front lip which really gives this car an aggressive appearance but look clean as if it was stock. Finally, Kwin has a barrage of wheels, some of these being Volk CE28N’s in 18×10.5 +18 and Work XD-9’s in 18×10 +18.

Kwin has bestowed this car as “Snow White” as it truly is his princess. This car is immaculate and definitely not something you’re going to be able to find at your local Subaru dealer. “Snow White” has a vivid character as any person can see. Kwin has dedicated a lot of his own time and hard work into this on going project.

We look forward to what comes next as we know that Kwin’s imagination is endless. Good work Kwin, keep it up!