DBA – Disc Brakes Australia

Australia has one of the harshest environments to drive through, and it takes a number on all components of your vehicle including the brakes. Born out of a need for a better and higher performance braking system, DBA was founded more than four decades ago and quickly grew to the most awarded brake companies in the world.

Protect Your Ride: Rally Armor Mudflaps

Since 2003 Rally Armor has been the leader in vehicle protection and style with their innovative mudflaps. It’s time to protect your ride with the same quality products professional rally racers rely on. Every product is engineered, deigned and made right here in the United States, all while using state of the art equipment to ensure that each flap fits perfectly to your vehicle.

Seibon Carbon : Now Available!

RallySport Direct is pleased to announce that we are now and official distributor of Seibon Carbon fiber products. We carry everything from wings to full carbon body replacement products, in both wet and dry carbon fiber for the ultimate in weight loss. Seibon produces some of the highest quality carbon fiber products on the market and we are pleased to be offering and supporting their carbon fiber lineup.

Weighing in – RallySport Direct Ford Focus RS


When it comes to a new project car, you always want to have a good baseline whether that is the power or in this case the weight. We want to make sure that we get a good clean baseline weight with the car having a full tank of fuel so that we can compare it to the weight in the future once we install aftermarket parts.

How To: Subaru Timing Belt Install (SOHC)

There will come a time with your SOHC Subaru where you will need to replace the old Subaru Timing Belt. This usually happens every 105K miles, or in my case, when the idler pulley decides to grenade itself, either way, the Subaru timing belt install is a very simple procedure and RallySport Direct is here to walk you through installing a Gates Timing Belt Kit on your SOHC Subaru.

RallysportDirect.com Ford Focus RS – Cobb Tuning Stage 1

With any new car, you eventually get used to the power output of a stock setup, and you start looking up modifications. In your search you will likely come across a small handheld tuning product called the Cobb Tuning AccessPort, stating it will give you more horsepower and torque. This sounds great and all, but how much will it really do? I mean you don’t even have to get dirty or leave the comfort of your own vehicle, how good could it be? I was determined to find out.