The Albino Rhino Receives Some Boost!!!!

For more photos and info click here: Vortech Supercharger Kit V-3 H67BC Air to Air IC Black Finish Subaru BRZ 2013 / Scion FR-S 2013

Well well well, so the little Albino Rhino has finally lost its baby horn! I can’t say how excited I was when we received the Vortech SuperCharger in for our Albino Rhino BRZ. First I poured through the box checking out all of the components, resisting the urge to run around the shop making supercharger/blow off valve noises, but I kept my cool. Really, on the inside I was like a kid at Christmas and could barely contain my excitement. I literally started on the install that very night and enlisted the help of a few chosen comrades, one for install help, and one for comic relief. With the team in tow, we set out to give the Rhino some much needed boost.


The install was very straight forward and I was impressed with the fit and finish of the kit overall, plus it just looks beautiful and proper in the engine bay. I was not keeping track of time, but I would assume we spent a solid 6-7 hours on the install, potentially longer, although it is hard to say for sure as I never bothered to look at a clock, I just wanted to get this thing boosted! The initial startup made my heart drop for a brief moment when we saw oil dripping from under the car. With thoughts of all the worst case scenarios racing through my head I could not help but think “this whole thing is going to have to come back out and even worse, I won’t get to drive it tonight…”  I don’t ever recall popping the hood, but I vividly remember looking down at an oil soaked By Pass Valve filter. I have never been so excited to make a dumb mistake! I cleaned the excess oil off the filter and off the floor of the shop and started it back up. Such feelings of accomplishment when you finally finish something you have wanted to do for almost a year, and as a plus everything looked perfect and sounded even better. It was time for a drive!


Pulling out of the shop was no different than any other time except one thing.. We have boost! Even at idle the car felt like it had a different personality, almost a new beginning for the car. We took it very easy at first, wanting to make sure everything was secure and running well. After a few low boost pulls around the area we pulled it back in to double check everything, re-check the oil level, and clean off the bit of hidden excess oil that still wanted to mist out of the BPV filter. Everything was spot on, I was getting the butterflies from excitement, and it was time to put it to the test. We first hopped on the freeway wanting to run it up to redline to check that boost was where it should be. Naturally I forgot to even look at the boost gauge, as I was having too much fun and needing to pay attention to redline and the cars around me. My very first impression was… “This feels like a fast N/A Honda!” and that would be the best way I could describe it, as it feels almost exactly the same as before, just much more, and it’s awesome! I know everyone says “this is how the car should be from the factory”, but it truly is in this case. The car was still very responsive, predictable, and a bit peaky in the power delivery, but we just get more uumph out of the little FA20, plus a noise that compliments the feeling very well.

In the lower RPM’s the car behaves much like a stock car would, but once you get into the upper RPM range, the engine just wakes up and propels you along briskly with a bit of noise. You don’t get the sense of speed or power like you do with a turbo, but instead you get a nice linear power band that is more than happy to accelerate you to law breaking speeds at a moment’s notice. Not that I would recommend doing that or anything 😉

Overall I am very pleased with this kit and the performance it gave our Albino Rhino. I was not expecting break neck acceleration from it, but I may have under estimated this kit a bit and was taken back at how it transformed the vehicle and the engine. For being a 100% bolt on kit, I could not ask for more, as this is something an average person can do in their garage over the weekend. I had assume that because we were using stock injectors and a stock fuel pump that there were not much, if any gains to be had, but the Vortech kit pulled through and left me with a huge smile from ear to ear. If nothing else, the sore face from my extended drive was well worth it.


Dyno Video:



Wicked Big Meet 2013 – Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival!

RallySport Direct has been a supporter of the Wicked Big Meet for a couple of years now, but 2013 is the first year that we traveled from our Salt Lake City, UT Facility to Beautiful Connecticut to setup a booth. We want to thank everyone that came by our booth, it was great seeing old friends and making new ones!

We will be posting 3 blog posts about our adventures at the Wicked Big Meet along with a couple of galleries full of photos onto our FACEBOOK PAGE.


And now the photos:

Booth is up and running, crowds are already coming by to say hi and slap hands with us!



Time for me to sneak away and get some car shots…Starting with NASIOC Members rsutton1223 and Overland04’s Beautiful WRX’s



Next we head down to the Soobies For Boobies Booth…


Love this combo!


Have to show the Forester some love!


Some Bugeyes for your viewing pleasure….





Love this wrap!


So nutty!


Great color combo!


For when the Zombies attack, the owner of this beast will be a good friend to have!



So many subarus!!




2015 WRX STi has been leaked at the Wicked Big Meet……


Our friends from GT Spec came out in full force, here are a couple of their display cars:







From the PapaCustoms Booth


RSD Booth is getting a lot of love!!!



Still lots more people waiting to get into the show!


Spectators watching the Because Racecars!


Raffle Time!


Many entries for the RallySport Direct $400 Gift Card….


But unfortunately only one winner!


Couple more blog posts coming soon!!!



FOR SALE – RallySport Direct’s 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Vehicle: RallySportDirect’s 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Price: SOLD!!

Odometer: 3,400 Miles



For sale is the RallySportDirect 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Shop Car. This vehicle was one of the first 2011 STI Sedans in the United States and was acquired in August of 2010. The main purpose of this vehicle was for brand awareness of, along with marketing of products that we offer with no expenses spared to achieve perfection.  With over $50K invested on top of the price of the car no corners were cut to create the ultimate STI! The car has never raced, launched, drag raced or abused in any way!  The vehicle will be sold as-is with all installed aftermarket parts along with 95% of the OEM factory items that were removed.

We ask that all inquiries and questions be directed to

The car has been used heavily in marketing and been privileged enough to be displayed at several major events throughout the last several years. These events include being displayed at the SEMA Show 2 years in a row and attending some of the largest Subaru meets in the US. The vehicle has also been featured by several manufactures as part of marketing and advertising campaigns in major magazines and online features along with product displays and how to write-ups.

This vehicle has been professionally built, maintained and looked after with the upmost care and full documentation of all major installs and maintenance will be included. Having never been driven in snow, rain or any harsh conditions, the vehicle’s overall condition is 10 out of 10 inside and out. All modifications were carefully installed to the highest quality standard using the Subaru factory manual and all regular scheduled maintenance performed to ensure top notch performance and reliability. The purpose of the build was to showcase what is possible with a Subaru STI using off the shelf parts offered by RallySportDirect, while still retaining drivability and function. Utilizing the stock motor, the vehicles power mods were selected to extract the most out of the factory motor while still keeping it safe and reliable with longevity in mind.

When tuning the vehicle we opted to do 2 conservative maps/tunes, both done at about 4,300ft above sea level.  The first map is for 20PSI on 91octane that makes 330WHP, while the second map is a Sunoco 104GTX race fuel map that makes 380WHP (Although the vehicle could easily be tuned to make well into the 400WHP+ range we decided to stop as we had accomplished our overall goal with ease and wanted to stay true to our previously mentioned goal of reliability). These maps/tunes are conservative to ensure the motor’s safety and allow for the widest possible power band and best driving experience. Both maps/tunes take full advantage of the vehicles Si drive system, allowing on the fly map changes from I, S and S# mode which will increase boost by 2-3PSI between each setting allowing you to select your desired power output. The vehicle was tuned by Cobb Tuning on a Mustang  Dyno to ensure the most accurate, safe and reliable tune possible. The vehicle starts, runs and idles with stock reliability but with aftermarket performance on demand.

The suspension system has been completely gone over utilizing TEIN Mono-Flex coilovers and Cusco adjustable arms and chassis bracing to ensure the increased power level is kept under control with handling to match. The vehicle is very predictable when pushed, yet features enough adjustment to make it comfortable and easy to drive when doing normal commuting.

The front and rear brake system has been upgraded using Project Mu Race brakes with massive 14” rotors, upgraded calipers and pads. The brakes are a great aesthetic piece, but most importantly are a superior safety feature to ensure you are able to slow down from any speed with no hesitation.

The interior of the car features 2 reclinable Bride racing seats in the front with the factory rear seats having been re-covered to match using the same fabric from Bride. The dash, center console, sun visors, A,B,C pillars, along with a custom integrated gauge pod were all custom wrapped by JPM Coachworks using top of the line Alcantara material to give the vehicle a rich plush feel which has completely transformed the entire driving experience of the vehicle.

The exterior of the car features a wide range of OEM STI Japan pieces along with numerous APR performance carbon components. Together they give the vehicle a nice clean look that makes it stand out from the standard run-of-the-mill STI.

The car will include ALL stock parts along with ALL aftermarket items which have been installed. The entire vehicles build has been documented from the day it was purchased up to now with detailed write-ups, how-to information and numerous technical documents to showcase the vehicle from start to finish.


Items on the car with MSRP prices listed.

Powertrain Mods:  $12,130.47
Cobb Tuning AccessPort  – $595.00
Cobb Tuning Down Pipe – $595.00
Cobb Tuning Heat Shield – $65.00
Invidia Q300 Ti Tip Catback – $1,384.00
Cosworth Intake – $349.00
GT Spec Oil Sandwich Block Adapter – $65.00
Samco Radiator Hose Kit – $117.90
Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator – $480.00
Omni Power 4 Bar map sensor – $129.99
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Top Feed Injectors – $540.00
DeatschWerks 300lph Fuel Pump – $169.00
Process West Top Mount Intercooler – $982.14
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-S – $120.00
Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge – $48.00
ATP GTX3076 – $2,195.00
Tomei Expreme Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold – $790.00
GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator – $299.99
GrimmSpeed Electronic Boost Controller – $119.99
AMR Performance Cast Turbo Inlet – $299.99
GTSpec 44mm V-Band 3-Bolt External Wastegate Uppipe – $359.00
TurboSmart Duel Port Blow Off Valve – $359.99
TurboSmart Hyper-Gate45 Wastegate – $429.99
Prova Radiator Cap – $25.00
APR/ Carbign Craft Radiator Cover – $115.50
APR/ Carbign Craft Alternator Cover – $176.00

Okada Project Ignition Coil – $835.00

Okada Project Ignition Spark – $299.00

STi “strut bar” battery tie down – $185.99

Suspension: $6,604.90
TEIN Mono Flex Coilovers – $2,300.00
Cusco Trailing Arms – $467.00
Cusco Lateral Links – $574.00
Cusco 23mm Front Sway Bar – $280.00
Cusco 20mm Rear Sway Bar – $280.00
Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar – $200.00
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar – $200.00
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar quick Release – $54.00
Cusco Rear Member Power Brace – $160.00

Cusco Floor Power Brace – $507.00
Cusco Rear Member Side Power Brace – $174.00
Cusco Front Cross Member Power Brace – $294.00
Cusco Type II Front Lower Arm Bar – $200.00
Cusco Front Member Power Brace – $280.00
Kartboy Front End Links – $115.00
Cobb Tuning Rear Endlinks – $180.00
Whiteline Rear Lateral Adjustable toe Arms – $399.90

Interior: $7,914.47, not including the custom wrap on the dash, seats, sun visors, pillars, ect. (Well over $5,000.00 for that service alone)
Prova D Shape Steering Wheel – $761.99
Prova Black SI drive Knob – $77.50
ATi Version 2 gauge pod – $149.99
Defi ADVANCE BF 60mm Boost – $299.00
Defi ADVANCE BF 60mm Oil Temp – $262.00
Defi ADVANCE BF 60mm Oil Pressure – $349.00
Defi ADVANCE BF Link System – $210.00
Bride Stradia LowMax with CFPR. Passenger – $1,650.00
Bride Gias LowMax with CFPR. Driver – $1,650.00
Bride Low down seat bases – $420.00
Cobb Tuning Shift Knob – $70.00
Takata Harnesses – $1,150.00
Takata Harness Pads – $330.00
JPM Coachworks Cluster hood – $295.00
JPM Coachworks Shift Boot – $70.00
JPM Coachworks E brake boot – $75.00
JPM Coachworks Custom Wrapped Dash
JPM Coachworks Wrapped Rear Seats with Bride Fabric
JPM Coachworks Wrapped Pillars
JPM Coachworks Wrapped center console
JPM Coachworks Wrapped Sun Visors
JPM Coachworks Wrapped Arm Rest – $75.00
Proto Tuning Tool Holder – $19.99

Exterior: $5,503.00
Prova Mirror Covers in Yellow – $135.99
HKS Kansai Front Tow Hook. Custom Powder Coated Project Mu Color $150+Cost of Coating
HKS Kansai Rear Tow Hook. Custom Powder Coated Project Mu Color $150+Cost of Coating
STi R205 Black side badges – $85.24
STi V-Limited Front Lip – $575.00
STi V-Limited Front Lip Skirt – $192.78
STi Rear Bumper Brake Light – $200.99
STi Side Under Spoiler – $1,120.00
OEM Wingless Trunk Debadged and Trunk Holes Welded and Re-painted $700.00
APR GTC-300 67” Wing – $1,675.00
APR/Carbing Craft Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing – $168.00
APR/ Carbign Craft Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heat Shield  – $350.00
Paint Matched Rear Trunk Trim
Carbing Craft License Plate Frame

Drivetrain: $1,313.43
MODE RACING Double Adjustable Short Shifter – $175.00
Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings – $32.00
Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushings – $35.00
PST Carbon Drive Shaft – $1,071.43

Brakes: $8,097.87
Project Mu 6 Piston Front Big Brake kit with 2 piece Rotor – $8,078.88
Project Mu 4 Piston Rear Big Brake kit with 2 piece Rotor
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid – $18.99
Wheels/Tires: $7,562.00
Advan RZ-DF 19×10 +35 Offset, Custom Painted Blue Lip and Barrel with Charcoal Grey Spokes wrapped in 265/30-19 Nitto Invo Tires – $7,048
Advan Racing Flat Type Canter Caps in Black – $224.00
Kics R40 Regular color Lug Nuts – $290.00

2 _MG_2879 _MG_2889

06 DSC_3600 DSC_9821media DSC_4719media DSC_8504media _MG_4179 _MG_4319 _MG_4255 _MG_4304 IMG_4666 IMG_4797 IMG_0524_wallpaper IMG_0560_wallpaper IMG_0541 IMG_0480 IMG_0500


La Flama Blanca + Tomei = AWESOMENESS! Expreme Ti Parts Inside!!

Recently we had the opportunity to install some Tomei Goodies on our La Flama Blanca EVO X Project Car, instead of talkin about how amazing Tomei is (DUH!) I’ll let the photos and video speak for themselves. For more information and detailed specifications click on the images and titles below!! Check back for Dyno numbers and a detailed how-to on these amazing parts, until then ENJOY!!   😀



Tomei EXPREME Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust for your Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2013!


This Tomei Titanium Catback Exhaust will not only look and sound good, but will save you almost 35lbs! over the stock Catback Stock Catback Weight is 44.2 lbs. vs. Tomei’s Ti Expreme Titanium Exhaust that comes in at an impressive light weight of 9.7 lbs!






Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Test Pipe for your Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2013!





Tomei Expreme Big Mouth Downpipe for your Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2013




Tomei Titanium Upper Intercooler Pipe for your Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2013!





In Conclusion Tomei + La Flama Blanca =chuck_norris_approves

Tis The Season for Holiday Giveaways!


Also make sure to thank the participating manufacturers on their Facebook Pages, Links are below.  

As this year is coming to an end it’s time for us to give back to our customers and the community. By collaborating with ATI, Mackin, Lamin-X, Grimmspeed, Killer B, Kartboy, Turbosmart USA, Injector Dynamics and Rally Armor we will be raffling off the following products via our Facebook Page:



  • 2008-2013 Subaru WRX/STi ATI Center Gauge Pod

Mackin Industries – FACEBOOK

  • Muteki Lug Nuts Closed End Chrome Blue M12X.125 + Gram Lights T-Shirt
  • Muteki Lug Nuts Open End Chrome Black M12X1.25 + Gram Lights T-Shirt



  • Any color headlight/foglight covers for your vehicle of choice


Grimmspeed – FACEBOOK

  • 2002-2007 Radiator Shroud in Silver, Red or Black.


Kartboy – FACEBOOK

  • 1 Set of Endlinks (Front/Rear) for your Subaru, winners can choose between the following:

02-07 WRX Sedan, 02-07 WRX Wagon, 04-07 STI, 08-13 WRX/STI



  • 2008-2013 WRX/STi Radiator Shroud & Alternator Cover COMBO
  • 6MT Teardrop Black Delrin Shift Knob
  • 5MT Teardrop Black Delrin Shift Knob
  • EJ25 Ultimate Oil Pickup & Baffle COMBO


Injector Dynamics – FACEBOOK

  • 4 1000cc Injectors (Or Smaller)
Rally Armor – FACEBOOK
  • 1 set of Rally Armor Mud Flaps – Your Color/Vehicle Choice!
TurboSmart – FACEBOOK
  • Blow Off Valve, Internal Waste Gate Actuator and T-Shirt






Black Friday Deals @ RallySport Direct!!!!

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means that the holiday deals are here!


Click the banner for our Black Friday Deals, These Deals Start Friday the 23rd at 12:01AM and end Sunday the 25th at 11:59PM.

Also use the Coupon code to receive an additional 10% off, and as always orders over $200 receive free shipping in the continental USA.

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SEMA 2012 Part 1

This year RSD had the opportunity to attend The SEMA Show 2012, and of course while down at the show we managed to take a lot of shots of the event. I will be splitting the posts up into different parts since we have too many photos just to drop on you at once 🙂

With the FR-S being the #1 Car at the SEMA Show there is a lot of FR-S/BRZ Shots, but at least they don’t all look the same :p

Enjoy the Pictures and make sure you follow us on Facebook for the full galleries 🙂

 The PST Equipped Hotchkis FR-S

The Hotckis PST Equipped FR-S

More FR-S Love!




 Evasive FR-S!