Cavalli Turbochargers Available at!

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RallySport Direct is proud to announce that Cavalli Turbochargers are now available at! Cavalli Turbo Inc. is the worldwide exclusive distributor for OEM Drop-in Triple Ball Bearing Turbos manufactured by Comp Turbo Technologies Inc. of Pomona, CA. They are also the Master Distributor for Comp Turbo Technologies Inc. for all areas east of Texas and North Dakota, straight up into Eastern Canada.

Cosworth FA20 Stage 1 Kit at


The Cosworth Stage 1 Power Package is aimed at drivers who are looking for an easy way to upgrade the driveability and overall performance of their car. 

Delivering a 36% increase in mid range power (an additional 40hp at 4,100rpm), The Cosworth Stage 1 Power Package for the FA20 engine platform provides a Cosworth engineered and fully validated solution that you can rely on.

Developed and validated using the same methods employed in their motorsport and automotive OEM programmes, Cosworth is uniquely able to deliver the essential mix of performance and reliability.

Stage 1 Options

The Cosworth FA20 Stage 1 Power Package is available in three power options that enable you to build your upgrade to match your budget.

Cosworth Stage 1.1

Stage 1.1 provides a direct replacement cat-back exhaust, air filter, thermostat and custom Cosworth ECU calibration to lift the stock peak power output by 23hp.


Cosworth Stage 1.2

Stage 1.2 adds a tuned mid pipe exhaust with integrated Helmholtz resonator to deliver an additional 5hp and a much improved exhaust note.

Cosworth Stage 1.3

Stages 1.3 completes the Power Package by including a lightweight, thermal barrier coated exhaust manifold that maximises airflow to deliver the full performance uplift of 40hp at 4,100 rpm and peak performance of 230hp.   


FA20 Stage 1 table Cosworth_FA20_Power_Stage_01DYno



For Sale: RallySport Direct’s 2013 Subaru BRZ (Albino Rhino)


Up for sale is our loved Albino Rhino 2013 BRZ Shop Car. This car was purchased brand new for the purpose of marketing, brand awareness and a fun shop car we could bring to meets. We wanted to show off what was possible with a BRZ using off the shelf parts from RallySportDirect. We have well over $30K invested into this car on top of the original sale price. The vehicle will be sold as-is with all of the aftermarket parts included along with 95% of the factory OEM parts that were removed. 

This car was used mainly in marketing and has been displayed at many major events across the United States, and has been used by several manufacturers to highlight their products we have installed on the car. 

The vehicle was professionally built and looked after with the upmost care. Maintaince was always done before or at the service intervals and the mods were chosen to keep the vehicle as reliable as possible while still extracting more power out of the stock engine. 

Power is provided by a Vortech Supercharger which we chose as we wanted to maintain an almost N/A feel to the car, but we always felt like it needed just a bit more power. Boost comes on seamlessly as the RPM’s climb giving the car a modest yet potent 229 WHP and 182 WTQ while still retaining a very nice torque curve. More power can easily be achieved with this setup, but we wanted to keep the car as safe, reliable and fun as possible. 

The suspension on the vehicle has been upgraded to the Tein Street Flex Coilovers which provide a nice but firm sport ride while allowing the ultra grippy RE-11 tires to do their job of assaulting the pavement. Cusco arms in the rear provide for the alignment to be dialed in to best suite any conditions, and along with the Tein EDFC Active, tuning the suspension can be done from the comfort of the driver seat, or just sit back and relax and let the active feature change the settings for you.

To stop this near featherweight vehicle, we went for an almost overkill Brembo Big Brake kit on the front and rear of the vehicle. With the massive 355mm rotors in front and 345mm rotors in the rear, a quick stab of the brakes at speed can get you uncomfortably familiar with the laws of physics. Disregarding the performance, the custom white powdercoat paint job on these massive calipers beautifully sets off the car stuffed beneath the Work CR Ultimate wheels. 

The Exterior is decorated with beautiful bits of Carbon Fiber good from APR. We wanted the car to be a bit more subtle yet still be able to stand out in a crowd. Between the Wheels, brakes, and Carbon Fiber Lips we feel this goal was easily achieved and exceeded even our expectations. 

The interior of the car has been fitted with Cusco Bride Stradia II seats mounted on Bride bases, and we added the Essex harness bar and Takata belts to keep you firmly planted in the aggressive yet adjustable reclining seats. Along with the JDM bits we have inside, you will also see the custom JPM Coachworks dash piece highlighting the build with a stitched Albino Rhino, combine that with the off the shelf JPM shift boot, E-brake Boot and the Prova Steering Wheel and it makes the car an incredible experience to drive, let alone sit in. 

The car will include ALL stock parts along with ALL aftermarket items which have been installed. The entire vehicles build has been documented from the day it was purchased up to now with detailed write-ups, how-to information and numerous technical documents to showcase the vehicle from start to finish.

Price: $40,000
Miles: 6273

Items on the car with MSRP prices listed:

Vortech Supercharger – $6010.99
Dimple Magnetic Oil Drain Plug– $34.95
Prova Oil Filter – $26.99
Tomei ExpremeTi Titanium Catback -$1090.00
Nameless Performance Overpipe/Downpipe Catted – $499.00
Kartboy Lightweight Crank Pulley – $95.00
Perrin Oil Cap – $57.00
GrimmSpeed Battery Tie Down – $59.99
Perrin Oil Cooler Kit– $689.00
Prova Hood Damper White – $329.99

Tein Street Flex Coilovers W/ Pillowball uppermounts – $1580.00
Tein EDFC Active W/ EDFC Motors – $568.10
Whiteline Front Swaybar 20mm – $209.00
Whiteline Rear Adjustable Swaybar 16mm – $219.00
Cusco Front Strut Bar W/ Master Cylinder Brace – $267.00
Cusco Adjustable Rear Lateral Links – $574.00

PST Carbon fiber Driveshaft – $1148.51
Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit – $31.41
Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit – $40.41
Cusco Engine Mount Set – $267.00
Cusco Rear Differential Support Brace – $190.00

Wheels/Tires: – $2820.00
Work CR KAI Ultimates – Custom Blue
-18×9.5 +38 Rear
-18×8.5 +47 Front
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 – $900.00
-245/40/18 Rear
-235/40/18 Front
Work RS Aluminum Lug Nuts 

Front: Brembo GT 355×22 2-piece Rotor, 6-piston calipers – custom white color
Rear: Brembo GT 345×28 2-piece Rotor, 4-piston calipers – custom white color

Five Axis rear Spoiler – $305.00
Lamin-X Head Light Covers – $59.95
APR Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts – $360.00
APR Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions – $780.00
APR Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Skirts – $365.00
Carbign Craft Carbon Fiber Alternator Cover – $205.00
STi JDM Clear Corner Lights – $135.98
APR Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam – $705.00
Tom’s Taillights – $499.00 
Prova Wide-View Door Mirrors Blue – $175.99
Prova Front Fender Emblem – $399.00
Cusco Tow Hook front and rear – Powdercoated – $262.00
Perrin 4in Antenna – $28.00

JPM CoachWorks Black Alcantara W/ Red Stitching Shift Boot – $60.00
JPM CoachWorks Black Alcantara W/ Red Stitching E-brake Boot – $80.00
Kartboy Short Shift Kit W/ Rear Bushing – $255.00
ATI 60mm Vent Pod – $39.99
Defi 60mm Red Racer Boost Gauge – $238.00
Prova Steering Wheel – $761.99
Cusco Bride Stradia II With Bride Bases – $3720.00
Takata Race 4 4-Point Harness Green Snap-On – $750.00
Essex Adjustable Harness Bar – $649.00
Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob Black – $59.00


Please send all inquiries to


2014 Eat, Greet, Car Meet Recap


Once again it is May when everything is supposed to be lively. Our previous events we were fortunate enough to have warm weather, clear skies, and lots of shiny cars to drool over. However this year was a different story. Although it did not stop hundreds of local cars and their enthusiasts from showing up!


We along with many of you  spent the early week prepping our vehicles. We hand washed, and hand waxed paint jobs. And made sure all the proper mods were performed on time. Rain or shine, we were going to make it happen. Friday afternoon was exciting as we had our friends from Cusco, Cobb, Turbosmart, Penrite, Whiteline, and Competition Clutch arrive. It was really nice to meet the faces behind a lot of companies that we as car enthusiasts read about.


Saturday morning greeted us with dark clouds and cool temperatures. Even the local walk for Brest Cancer event had it’s challenges with the weather. We along with the other vendors were setting up our areas with wind, and passing rain. But not enough to keep our spirits down.


This year we tried something different by holding the event at the Rice-Eccles Stadium. What was cool about this parking lot is that it’s right on the East bench.  The view of downtown Salt Lake City is spectacular. Everything was green again, and despite the unsettled weather, there was a nice calmness about the morning which was rather nice for those who are always on the grind.


As 9 a.m. approached we could hear the rumbles of exhausts already coming from below the valley. You could hear the braaaap from beyond! Before we knew it, cars were starting to line up 4th South from both directions to enter our event.


The RallySport Staff who had been in charge of parking, were getting their hands full as rows and rows of cars were starting to fill up all the spots. All makes and models could be seen in every direction. Aside from an onslot of Subaru’s and Evo’s, people were arriving in packs of BMW’s, Volkswagens, and our friends at JDM legends even brought some of their fine examples of classic Japanese machinery.


Around 10 a.m. DJ Erockalypze started playing music, and we were in full swing at this point. Our staff members Dru, and Mike were getting overwhelmed by the parking situation as the entire parking lot was nearing full capacity. I stepped in and tried to help out as much as I could. Being a car enthusiast myself it was easy to get distracted as a handful of GTRs and Supras rolled in. And after 11:30 it was time to shrug our shoulders, and tell patrons if you find a spot, then good for them because we were full house at this point.


Towards the end of the meet was one of my more favorable moments as the raffle begun. It was more so of all the local car enthusiats joined together. Everyone was smiling, and making the best out of the weather situation. Even after the raffle people stuck around and took time to catch up with other car buddies that you only have time to see at local car events.

Congratulations to all the raffle winners!


Nick – NASA Utah Raffle Winner


Katrina – $100 Cusco and $100 Winmax Gift Certificate winner


Esteban – COBB Tuning $200 Gift Certificate Winner


Daniel – 2 Cases of Penrite oil winner


Dolan – $250 Turbosmart Voucher


Nathan – Hawk HPS Brake Pads


Diana – Ipad courtesy of Exedy


Jesse – $500 Whiteline Voucher


Kevin – Perrin Big Tube Header


Sean – $700 Competition Clutch Voucher


Rich – Tomei Cat Back Winner









Special thanks to all of the vendors who came out of state to show their support and many heartfelt thanks for those of you who came to the meet and showed support despite the weather. Being apart of the local car community makes  me especially proud to be an enthusiast. Until next time!









RallySport Direct’s Eat, Greet, Car Meet 2014

The 2014 Eat, Greet, Car Meet will be held at a new location! Due to parking limitations at our facility we have decided to move it to the Rice-Eccles Stadium Parking Lot!



-Huge Free Raffle!!
-Entertainment by DJ Erockalypze
-Utah’s finest food trucks will be present to keep you nourished!
-Representatives from some of the largest manufacturers will be there to answer your questions:

COBB Tuning
Competition Clutch
Hawk Performance
Penrite OIl
PERRIN Performance
Tomei Powered Fan Site
Turbosmart USA
Whiteline Flatout

Please make sure to RSVP and don’t forget to invite your friends, lets make this the largest one yet!


Through Our Eyes: Fixed Back Seats


After modifying basically all of my personal cars at one point or another I can safely say that one of the best improvements or modifications I made was installing a well fitted seat.  Installing a well fitted seat helps to remove any unnecessary lateral movement and I’m sure you can recall throwing the car into a corner with confidence just to find yourself holding on for dear life because of the lateral G force pushing you out of your seat.

In this article, I wish to inform you of the components of a fixed back seat and what it takes to install a fixed back seat.  It should be understood that all the seats we offer are going to be universal; not vehicle specific.  Each seat will be either bottom and/or side mounted.

We are going to jump right into seat mounting so let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

First we will have a vehicle specific seat base.


Then an optional slider track set (allows movement forward and back).


You have your vehicle specific seat base, optional slider track set and the next component would be the actual seat. All of these components should be fastened with the manufacture recommended bottom/side mount hardware kit.


If you choose a side mounted seat, then you will need side mount brackets in addition to the base, sliders and hardware.  The side mount brackets can be bolted to the sliders or directly to the base if you choose to not use sliders.  There are two types of side mount brackets, offset and standard.  Offset brackets are used when the seat you are installing is the same width as the mounting holes on the base or sliders, and standard brackets would cover the lower mounting holes.



Installing a seat is relatively straightforward. When installing my seats, I first started by preassembling the seat with the necessary mounting components outside of the vehicle. This next step is a necessary safety precaution. While wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment disconnect the negative cable on the battery and be sure to remove any leftover charge in the vehicle’s electrical system by pressing on the brake pedal for a few seconds. Disconnecting the battery is very important when removing any airbags or disconnecting airbag sensors.

Next I moved into the cabin of the car. A stock seat is usually only mounted by approximately 4 bolts, which secure the base to the chassis of the vehicle. Remove the stock seat mounting bolts, make sure all wiring harnesses below the seat are disconnected and remove the seat from the vehicle. Next, take your preassembled seat and maneuver the seat into the cabin of the vehicle, this might be a little tricky so be patient.  Finally, fasten down all chassis connecting points and double check all seat mounting component connections as well.

I used the term “well fitted” earlier and I’d like to elaborate to give you some perspective. I currently weigh 180 LBS, stand at 5’10 with a size 32 inch waist. My personal favorite seats are the Sparco Pro2000 and the Sparco Evo 2 because they hold my hips in position and their high bolsters provides for lateral thigh support. The main difference between the two seats is going to be the kidney bolster support because the Pro2000 is going to be slightly more aggressive therefore provide more support. Therefore, I would consider the Evo 2 more suitable for more frequent use or getting in and out more frequently.

Another item of business to consider is the seats FIA certification.  FIA stands for Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and it was founded in 1904 in Paris, France. The FIA is the governing body for motorsports worldwide. According to FIA standard 8855-1999, the usable life of a FIA certified seat will be 5 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the seat. An extension of up to 2 further years may be authorized where the seat has been returned to the manufacturer for re-validation. This certification is not necessary in all types of racing, therefore I recommend consulting your local racing program and its standings regarding certifications.



I hope this article was informative and an enjoyable read. As I said, a properly fitted seat is one of the best car to driver and driver to car upgrades you could possibly do. If you have any more questions, myself or any of my other coworkers would love to assist you.



Sterling W.

Jacobs 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (355hp 390ft/lb)


For Jacob’s 2011 STI we chose the following mods below for the best performance with the Tomei ARMS m7960. Being that this would be a mainly street driven vehicle and possible auto-x we were shooting for a quick spool and a good amount of torque. This is why we took the vehicle to get tuned at The Boost Creep Ltd. In Longmont, Colorado by none other than Harvey Epstein which got the STI to put down 355HP and 390ft/lb of torque. The high altitude and knowledge of E85 tuning ended up getting Jacob a nice torque setup with a decently quick spool. Once we get the suspension set up for track and it warms up. Jacob can’t wait to get out on the track and test into the setup further.

Modifications: (Click on the links for more photos and info)