Weighing in – RallySport Direct Ford Focus RS


When it comes to a new project car, you always want to have a good baseline whether that is the power or in this case the weight. We want to make sure that we get a good clean baseline weight with the car having a full tank of fuel so that we can compare it to the weight in the future once we install aftermarket parts.

How To: Subaru Timing Belt Install (SOHC)

There will come a time with your SOHC Subaru where you will need to replace the old Subaru Timing Belt. This usually happens every 105K miles, or in my case, when the idler pulley decides to grenade itself, either way, the Subaru timing belt install is a very simple procedure and RallySport Direct is here to walk you through installing a Gates Timing Belt Kit on your SOHC Subaru.

RallysportDirect.com Ford Focus RS – Cobb Tuning Stage 1

With any new car, you eventually get used to the power output of a stock setup, and you start looking up modifications. In your search you will likely come across a small handheld tuning product called the Cobb Tuning AccessPort, stating it will give you more horsepower and torque. This sounds great and all, but how much will it really do? I mean you don’t even have to get dirty or leave the comfort of your own vehicle, how good could it be? I was determined to find out.

RallySport Direct’s Ford Focus RS Review

You know the feeling when you order a new toy for yourself, it shows up at your home, but you are at work? The time seems to slow down, you are constantly looking at the clock waiting for it to hit that certain spot just so you can leave and finally go play with your new toy? Well that is how the story of our Focus RS started.

RallySport Direct’s Twincharged 2015 Subaru WRX

This year we were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SEMA show, now most of us know that SEMA stand for the Specialty Equipment Market Association, but when it was founded it stood for Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association. Although the name has changed, the spirit of Speed Equipment has lived on through all 50 years.

Pedders Suspension

Pedders was founded by a few highly skilled individuals with a knack for repair and the desire to make things better than they came from the factory. They had their work cut out for them however as they lived in one of the roughest environments on earth, the Australian Outback. While starting out just welding and fixing broken suspension components, they wondered what they could do to keep these cars from breaking over the rough terrain and from that, Pedders suspension was born and has grown into a worldwide brand offering everything from high performance racing suspension all the way down to OEM replacements that are stronger and better than the original that came off.