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Davies Craig Electric Water Pump System

The Mechanical Water Pump is one of the last mechanical components of the modern engine which has long been considered an inefficient component that was designed as an accessory from the ever first engines. A mechanical belt driven pump installed on your car engines runs at the same speed as the engine regardless of how hot the engine is

Invidia Full Titanium Cat Back Exhaust Systems Now Available!

Weight is the enemy of all cars, it reduces acceleration, braking and steering. Anything we can do to get the weight of the car down will improve the performance of your project all around. The Invidia Titanium Catback Exhaust replaces your heavy factory exhaust system with a featherweight full Titanium exhaust. With a straight through, high flow design, your Subaru will sound as good as it performs, allowing maximum power to be extracted from your engine. This is a proper racing exhaust for those looking for ultimate power and weight loss.

Company23 Sale at

Company 23 has been a saving company for those who build their engines, but can’t source out he special tools. They strive to make working on your car easier and more enjoyable. They have years of experience and engineering, combined with the right manufacturing equipment to bring you the highest quality tools at an affordable price. Their tools are rigorously tested before being released to the market, and they are equipped with a lifetime warranty.