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Subtle Solutions WRX
Desert Runner


Subtle Solutions is the premier manufacturer of lift kits and performance products for your Subaru. Subtle Solutions provide a complete and comprehensive solution for lifting your car Whether you are taking your Subaru offroad. Wanting to be able to conquer any terrain mother nature can throw at you. Subtle Solutions has the parts you need. They also engineer and manufacturer unique solutions to problems surrounding Subaru’s such as cooling. Their intercooler splitters provide better air flow through the intercooler, while their turbo chimneys keep the hot air from ever reaching the intercooler. Subtle Solutions does not just make parts, they make solutions.


Subtle Solutions BRZ
Lifted BRZ


We have come along way from the crude Subaru lift kits people were making in their garage. We now have billet aluminum parts, precision engineering and suspension adjustment products that fix the alignment that plagued us in the past. Whether you are looking for a slight lift, or a more extreme 1.5 inch lift, Subtle Solutions has the parts to make sure your Subaru is lifted properly and the alignment is spot on. You also get the choice of a high quality HPDE plastic for your lift spacers, or you can opt for CNC Aluminum spacers. As most know, anytime you lift your Subaru the alignment will suffer, and Subtle Solutions has fixed this problem with their Alignment Kits, Made from high quality CNC Aluminum. You select the proper alignment kit for the amount of lift you have to ensure that your alignment is spot on to factory specifications, it’s that simple.


Subtle Solutions Alignment Kit
Alignment Kit


When it comes to making power, heat is the primary enemy and Subtle Solutions has taken it upon themselves to solve many of the common heat related issues. For the intercooler heat soak issue they have a highly efficient intercooler splitter. The Splitter will effectively channel air flow through the intercooler which aids in cooling allowing your turbo Subaru to make more power reliably. They also took the intercooler heat soak issue one step further by creating a turbo chimney. The turbo chimney will force the heat coming off the turbo to be guided around the intercooler. Stopping the intercooler from soaking in the heat from the turbo can provide more power and give a cooler charge temp. Subtle Solutions also makes a radiator shroud which forces air to flow through the radiator by creating a high pressure zone directly in front of the radiator. On most OEM setups the air is allowed to flow up and around the raditor, but with Subtle Solution’s shroud, it forces it through the radiator, increasing the cooling capacity of your cooling system.


Crosstrek Getting Dirty
Lift Kit in action carries the full lineup of the Subtle Solution Products – Click here to see what we have available for your Vehicle

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