Koyo Radiators – Keep your cool

Koyo Radiators was founded in 1956 as a radiator repair shop in Nagoya, Japan but quickly grew and in 1968 they were making their own radiators and oil coolers. By the 70’s Koyo has its manufacturing facilities all over Japan and quickly became the world leader in cooling performance.



Many people ask what the name Koyo means, and if you take the literal Japanese translation it means “A river expanding and flowing into the ocean”. Koyo has over 53 years of engineering and manufacturing the worlds best radiators and just like their name they have expanded into every corner of the globe. They produce some of the highest quality OE replacement and aluminum racing radiators in the world. They achieve above OEM quality on every product they produce and their radiators are found in motorsports everywhere you look. The reason for their success is due to their quality control. All of their aluminum racing radiators are hand made in one of their facilities and they own all of their manufacturing plants so they can keep quality a top priority.



On the OE side, they provide an incredibly high quality and cost effective radiator replacements. They go through extensive R&D on each product and utilize CAD drawings to ensure an exact OEM fit, yet with their history in racing, they provide better cooling than the factory counterparts. Koyo uses only the highest quality components, from their header tanks, tube and fin cores all the way down to their pet cocks. If your looking for an OE replacement, Koyo Radiators should be on the top of your list.



When it comes to racing, Koyo has you covered as well. Their all aluminum radiators are manufactured by hand in Indonesia to guarantee the radiator you receive is of the up-most quality. They go through extensive R&D to make sure their racing radiators can handle the heat even under the toughest conditions. Made from the highest quality aluminum, their radiators are lightweight yet tough enough to handle anything you can throw at it. If your track car needs better cooling, look to Koyo Radiators to keep you cool.




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