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Australia has one of the harshest environments to drive through, and it takes a number on all components of your vehicle including the brakes. Born out of a need for a better and higher performance braking system, DBA was founded more than four decades ago and quickly grew to the most awarded brake companies in the world.


So what makes DBA different? First it’s their desire to make the best braking systems in the world, and one of the ways they do that is through their patented “kangaroo paw” design. This design allows better air flow through the rotor for optimal cooling while reducing any weak spots that are prone to crack in other rotors. Since temperature control is vital, DBA has included thermal paint so you know exactly how hot the rotor is getting, not only does this allow you to keep tabs on the rotor temperature, but it will also allow you to dial in the exact pad you will need for any condition. It’s a very simple way to “tune” your brakes.

Their 4000 series rotors are designed to dominate the street and track, with their Kangaroo paw design, it wicks away heat quickly while providing excellent braking time and time again. Made to be a direct OEM replacement, these will bolt right on with no other modifications required so that you can get back to the track or out on the street with minimal time and effort. All their rotors are deigned and made in their own facility so they have 100% control over the quality so you know you are getting the best brakes you can put on your car.

Needing something a bit more hardcore for your racecar? DBA has the answer with their 5000 series rotors. Made from two pieces, their focus was keeping weight to a minimum while maintaining a high thermal capacity. Their temperature monitoring paint allows a quick inspection of rotor temperatures and allows you to dial in which pad would be best suited for each track day, giving you the ultimate braking performance day in and day out.

DBA is also offering a whole new line of brake pads which are specifically suited for their rotors, and with a variety of pads designed for different conditions, you can be sure you will get the most out of your brakes. Whether you’re looking for an amazing street pad with their SP500 pad, or you are needing a hardcore braking system for track use and install their XP+735 you know you are equipping the best on your car with Disc Brakes Australia.



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