Weighing in – RallySport Direct Ford Focus RS


When it comes to a new project car, you always want to have a good baseline whether that is the power or in this case the weight. We want to make sure that we get a good clean baseline weight with the car having a full tank of fuel so that we can compare it to the weight in the future once we install aftermarket parts. As we know, weight is the enemy of all performance cars, and anything we can do to bring the weight down will give us a nice boost in acceleration, braking, handling and fuel economy. So what is the wight of the RallysportDirect Ford Focus RS? Is came in at a hefty 3508 LBS. We feel like we could pretty easily shave off about 100lbs with aftermarket parts, but without tearing out critical parts, this car will always be on the heavy side. Just how light can we get it? Stay tuned to find out 🙂


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