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With any new car, you eventually get used to the power output of a stock setup, and you start looking up modifications. In your search you will likely come across a small handheld tuning product called the Cobb Tuning AccessPort, stating it will give you more horsepower and torque. This sounds great and all, but how much will it really do? I mean you don’t even have to get dirty or leave the comfort of your own vehicle, how good could it be? I was determined to find out.


Our Ford Focus RS has roughly 1200 miles on it now, plenty of time for the engine to be properly broken in to get a baseline dyno run. We scheduled Dyno time at a local shop of ours to do back to back testing on a bone stock Ford Focus RS RS Vs. a Stage 1 Ford Focus RS fitted with the Cobb Accessport and their high flow air filter. For the stock test we put the vehicle in 2wd mode (instructions for that can be found on the web) and strapped it down to a Mustang Dynometer, ran a few warm up pulls and then finally went for it. The test revealed an impressive 282 WHP and 338 WTQ. Now it was time to install the Stage 1.


We plugged in the Accessport to the OBD port, selected the Stage 1 91 Octane Map and left it installing while we removed the stock air filter in favor of the Cobb Tuning high flow filter. With the new filter installed and the Ford Focus RS Stage 1 Map loaded, we selected the 2wd mode through the Accessport to ensure we had accurate results. As the car starts climbing through the RPM range you could tell it had more grunt than before and I was eagerly waiting for the run to end so I could see the results. It was an astounding 368 WTQ and 299 WHP, but not only was the 30TQ and 17 HP gains impressive, the power and torque cure were much smoother and the torque covered a much wider RPM Range.

COBB Tuning Ford Focus RS Stage 1 Kit

cobb focus rs stage 1


Dyno: Mustang

City: Salt Lake City

Elevation: 4,200 ASL

Temperature: 40 f

Fuel: 91 Octane




So how does it drive? Even bone stock this car is incredibly impressive, it punches hard down low and pulls hard all the way up, but with the Stage 1 installed there was an immediate difference. Power comes on even earlier and harder than ever without feeling like its falling on its face in the upper RPM range. The car’s power delivery feels smooth yet absolutely brutal at the same time, making powering out of tight corners or long sweepers an absolute joy. I feel like this is how the car should have come from the factory and it really shows the potential of this engine. Overall I am incredibly impressed with the Stage 1, the install is a breeze, and the power gains are fantastic with such a simple modification, not to mention all of the cool features you get with the Accessport, but if power is your thing, the Accessport should be the first thing you do to this car.




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