RallySport Direct’s Ford Focus RS Stock Dyno Horsepower Numbers

When it comes to the Ford Focus RS, it’s obvious that this car packs a punch right out of the box, but we have always wondered exactly how much punch it was actually throwing, and there is only one way to find out, the Dynometer. We wanted to have a solid baseline  on our Focus RS, not only for our personal satisfaction, but also to see how the modifications stack up on this car compared to it in stock form. When we install a new power product, we can easily look back at the stock numbers to see how much horsepower we actually gained with the parts installed, plus it’s always fun to see how your car stacks up against the competition. Here are the stock horsepower numbers on our Ford Focus RS

Dyno: Mustang

City: Salt Lake City

Elevation: 4,200 ASL

Temperature: 40 f

Fuel: 91 Octane




First we headed off to our local dyno, this was a cool day which is great for keeping the car happy on the Dyno. We had to put the car into 2wd mode which instructions on how to do this can be found online, and once the car was strapped down, we let it rip. The car made a very respectable 282 WHP and 338 WTQ and with our altitude and poor quality fuel, we were quite impressed, although the power towards the end of the RPM range was a bit rough. We cannot wait to see how this car responds to modifications as we plan on it being quite the street terror. Make sure to check back as we add more power and make this car handle even better than it did from the factory.


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