Pedders Suspension

Pedders was founded by a few highly skilled individuals with a knack for repair and the desire to make things better than they came from the factory. They had their work cut out for them however as they lived in one of the roughest environments on earth, the Australian Outback. While starting out just welding and fixing broken suspension components, they wondered what they could do to keep these cars from breaking over the rough terrain and from that, Pedders suspension was born and has grown into a worldwide brand offering everything from high performance racing suspension all the way down to OEM replacements that are stronger and better than the original that came off.


While Pedders got it start in more of an off-road environment, they have honed their skills to produce some of the best on-road performance suspension parts that money can buy. When it comes to performance, one of the best bang for your buck would be going with a strut and spring combo to replace your factory suspension. Pedders has taken the hassle out of trying to find what springs and what strut to go with with their complete bolt on strut and spring combo which includes their SportsRyder springs along with a perfectly matched strut and a upgraded top hat all bolted together and ready to bolt onto your car. They have done extensive R&D to ensure their suspension combo will not only provide you with incredible performance but also a quality ride that can handle any terrain with ease.


If you are looking to go even further along the performance spectrum, Pedders produces their eXtreme XA coilover line up. This is for those who are looking for a suspension that is comfortable on the street as it is on the track. Their dampers are 30-way adjustable which give you complete control over the ride and handling of your car and they are pair up with a carefully selected spring which will compliment their dampers to give you all out performance while maintaining a surprising amount of comfort. To aid in the comfort without sacrificing performance their top hats are made from CNC aluminum however they have a small rubber insert which will take out some of the harshness found in other coilovers yet their precision and feel remains. When it comes to coilovers, durability is often a concern and Pedders has taken great strides to ensure the coilovers will last for years to come with an all aluminum body along with incredibly durable bearings. To top it all off, the eXtreme XA  coilovers will give you the control you need over your height as they include independent height adjustment along with independent spring pre-load adjustment to ensure that whatever height you want your car at, it will have no negative affects on the dampers performance.


If you are looking to replace your old worn out products, Pedders offers a full line-up of OE replacement struts, top hats and other suspension products as well. These are not your run of the mill products though, these are all thoroughly thought out. Their direct replacement components are still a upgrade over the factory components without a doubt, their replacement struts will over a better ride over OE as well as be more durable. Their top hats use slightly stiffer rubber to provide a sportier ride and more durability over the factory components as well. If your stock suspension is starting to show its age, going with the Pedders replacement components would be a massive upgrade over your worn out suspension and bring life back into your car.


If you are looking for all out performance or something that will last longer and be more comfortable over the stock suspension, look no further than Pedders suspension products for your car. For more information on the products, check out the videos below.



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