Perrin Performance

It’s not uncommon for us to look at our cars and think “I really wish this felt or performed like that” and we often have to wait for a manufacturer to produce a part to fulfill our wishes, but when you have the manufacturing and engineering capabilities at your fingertips like Perrin Performance, you can remedy these issues quickly, and that is exactly what they do.


Perrin Performance started as a small performance shop in 1996 and quickly grew into a household name in the performance aftermarket industry. This quick growth happened through their raw passion for performance and ability to quickly produce parts the industry wants and needs. They try not to corner themselves by being a power only company as their vision of what a car should go well beyond just horsepower figures. Instead, they focus on the car as a whole and making sure the power and chassis are balanced as well as making the vehicle look as good as it performs. They may be famous for their intakes, exhausts, and intercoolers, and for good reason, but you may also find their engine mounts, wing stabilizers or shifter bushings on many vehicles.



When it comes to power, Perrin speaks this language fluently. They have many high power cars running their turbo kits, intercooler and supporting mods all around the world whether they are street driven cars or full blown bespoke racecars. There is a reason why so many people all over the world swear by Perrin Performance and that is because they engineer all of their parts with the highest quality and performance in mind and only using premium materials, ultimately giving you a premier product you can rely on time and time again.




If you are looking for power, aesthetics or you just want to improve the overall feel of your car, check our Perrin Performance for your next modification.



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