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Most of the best products or inventions in the world are started by someone who looked at the current offerings and thought “There has got to be a better way, I can do this better”. SteamSpeed started with one man looking at turbo’s on the market today, and was trying to think of a better way, and a more efficient turbo. With his background in computer science and engineering he not only had the knowledge to produce an amazing product, but the desire as well. Each SteamSpeed turbo first goes through rigorous testing on paper through mathematical analysis, then through computer analysis. Once the turbo is made it goes through CFD testing and bench testing then it is finally tested in the real world on test cars to make sure the turbo can perform and exceed expectations.



SteamSpeed has your car covered for just about any power level. Whether you want 350 WHP or 500+ WHP, SteamSpeed has a stock location turbo for your Subaru.

The STX 67 would be an ideal turbo for a mid-power level car for those wanting quick spool up and still using the stock block. The STX 67 comes in a standard 8cm hotside which is perfect for a 2.0L engine as well as their upgraded 67+ which uses a larger td06 turbine and is ideal for a 2.5L engine.


Next up is their STX71 which is good for 400+ WHP. You could run this on a stock block, but when you get to this size of turbo, to truly extract all the power you can out of the setup, a built block would be ideal. This size of turbo still spools up very quickly, yet will pull hard all the way to redline. This turbo also comes with the option for a 3inch inlet for maximum flow.


The big boy of the bunch is the STX76, this beast of a turbo will require a stock block to even start to reach its potential, but once you have the supporting mods, this turbo is capable of 500WHP with ease. Not for the faint of heart, this is the turbo you want to install if you are looking for maximum power from a stock location turbo.




SteamSpeed turbo’s are back by an amazing warranty and some of the best support in the business to make sure you get the best experience when you are wanting more power from your car. If you are looking for one of the best turbo’s on the market, look no further than the SteamSpeed line up.



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