RallySportDirect.com Eat, Greet, Car Meet 2016

Another year and another great car meet, but it did not go exactly as planned. Last year we had the meet at the RallySportDirect headquarters which was just larger enough to hold all of the attendees and cars, and this year we wanted to do the same, but ran into a problem about a week before the event was to take place. We had way too many people scheduled to come along with additional parking issues around our headquarters. We scrambled to  find a new location and settled on the parking structure at Jordan Commons, a local movie theater with a 3 story parking lot. We thought everything would be perfect as we got everything finalized and re-routed to the new location, but there is that one thing you can never prepare for… The weather.




Saturday morning, we arrived at 6am to get everything unloaded and setup, it was chilly and overcast but everything was looking good. Fast forward a two hours and we started feeling some raindrops falling, the wind picking up a bit, and the ominous dark clouds lounging overhead. As the vendors were setting up their booths, the wind really started to pick up, and quickly turned some of their canopies into very large kites. We got them secured down, but then we were dealing with the constant rain and cold temps. We had people scheduled to start rolling in at 9am, and normally we expect people to arrive early, but even at 10am, the parking lot was only about half full and we were genuinely worried this meet was a bust due to the weather. It seemed as quickly as the rain came, it went away, the clouds broke, the sun poked its way through and the temps came us as the wind died down, and just like that people started rolling in faster than we could park them.




No event is complete without amazing food, music and people and it seemed like we had the perfect combination of each. Our local food truck scene is amazing and they showed up to provide the tastiest food all while our in-house DJ was playing music that kept the meet moving and entertaining. By far the best part were all the people, never before were people so willing to help out, wanting to make sure the RallySportDirect crew were not overworking themselves, and just genuinely appreciative of what we were doing and for that we were truly thankful.




Last but not least, the best aspect of any car meet… the cars! One of the most unique cars there was a Honda powered RHD original Mini. With the “bonnet” on, your only hint as to what this car is all about is the Advan A048 tires poking out of the body. The independent throttle bodies along with a full exhaust should be more than enough to take this bantam weight fighter to speed at an alarming rate.





Who does not love Rocket Bunny BRZ’? We had a few show up this year, but there is something about this one that just screams business. Maybe it’s the turbo kit, or the Dai Yoshihara Canards, or perhaps the Enkei RS05RR wheels, but regardless, it’s always a pleasure seeing this car in the flesh.




I have a certain softspot for Bugeye WRX’s, and this one seems to hit the spot when it comes to early gen US WRX’s. Voltex Aero all around, Big Rotated Mount turbo kit, OE JDM flair with the roof vent, STI carbon badges along with Bride seats to hold you secure while you pilot this beauty. There is too much to love about this car.




We love a good sleeper, and while an EVO is not exactly a sleeper in the purest sense, a stock looking EVO making over 700WHP might be just enough to surprise even the quickest cars out there. You may not realize what you are up against until the wastegate opens and that screamer pipe starts spitting flames. We like it because it’s clean, well done and an absolute beast where it matters.




With older JDM cars being able to be imported we saw quite a few GTR’s as well as this GTS-T which was just super clean and a prime example of the legends that Japan produced in the late 80’s through the 90’s. The Spirit of Japan lives on in the U.S. with guys like these bringing these cars in.





There were so many amazing cars and I would not be able to list them all here, so here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment. We hope to see you all next year!






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