Mishimoto – Your Choice for Performance

They say the cream rises to the top, and if that is the case Mishimoto is definitely the cream of the crop. Since its beginning in 2003, Mishimoto has been dedicated to bring the most innovative products to the market by carefully looking at and thoroughly testing each car to find any weak points. Once they narrow down what needs to be done, their in-house engineering team springs into action to produce a high quality and high performance part that will not only perform, but last a lifetime doing so.



Mishimoto is famous for cooling, with their brilliantly designed and engineered heat exchanges such as radiators, intercooler, oil coolers and other various coolers, they offer everything from direct fit to give you a 100% bolt on option, or the ability to create your own with universal products so you can customize to your hearts content.


Mishimoto also has all of your performance needs covered as well. Constantly looking to make more power on all of their test vehicles, Mishimoto has produced some of the best intakes, exhausts and chassis components on the market. Whether you drive a Subaru, EVO, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda or A Domestic, they strive to ensure they bring the highest quality parts to the table that deliver the most power while doing it reliably.  Whether you are looking for a better exhaust note, more induction noise, or just more raw power, Mishimoto has your car covered and with everything being back by a 100% lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that a Mishimoto parts will be the last part you need to buy on your way to building your dream car.


Along with their parts offering, they provide detailed instructions, video instructions, and amazing support to ensure that you have the most trouble free experience when installing your new beautiful parts. Everything from the packaging, right down to the instructions have been meticulously thought out to guarantee a trouble free and positive experience with Mishimoto. They started out as enthusiasts, so they understand what it’s like to be on the other side of the table and strive to make sure your experience with them is the same as what they would want from themselves. There is a reason why professionals all over the world choose Mishimoto, and it’s their desire to win. With some of the toughest and highest performance products on the market, it’s clear why we see Mishimoto in the winner’s circle time and time again.



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