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Since HKS USA closed its doors in 2011 it has felt like the industry had suffered a great loss. HKS was one of the most beloved brands and is well respected around the world. Their dedication to supply the highest quality parts and continually innovate and push the boundaries separated the brand from many others in the industry. When they left, it left us wondering who might be next, and if the aftermarket industry as a whole was hurting. We are pleased to announce that HKS is officially back in the United States and stronger than ever.

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Let’s talk about what made HKS so special and why we are so excited to have them back. First, HKS was the first aftermarket company to turbocharge a car. Starting with the Skyline L20 Engine, they were able to bump the power from 115 to 160 HP, which was a massive improvement back in 1974. But this innovation was no accident, and to really get an idea of what HKS is all about we have to go back even further. Hiroyuki Hasegawa was an engineer at Yamaha, and like most engineers he thought he could do better than what Yamaha and other engine manufacturers were doing. He teamed up with Goichi Kitagawa, and they were able to get a loan from Sigma Automotive and respected them by including Sigma in their name (Hasegawa, Kitagawa, Sigma), and with that their team hit the ground running and in less than a year, they had their first turbo kit produced for the Skyline. Well ahead of their time most OEM’s would not jump onto turbocharging their vehicles for years to come.

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HKS has made many “firsts” in the industry, from Boost Control Electronics, and Turbo timers to world records including the first Japanese car to reach 300 km per hour (186 mph), which they achieved in a Celica XX or the A60 Supra in the US using the 5M-GE Engine with twin turbos, fully built internals and upgraded intercoolers, it was rumored to produce over 600HP utilizing carburetors as the ability to control electronics at that time was very limited, but this would just fuel HKS’s desire to build more advance electronic control units and they quickly became the leader of aftermarket fuel and boost controllers.

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HKS continued to expand, obtaining new factories to expand production of exhaust products and more advanced machining facilities. Their advancement in engineering and their desire to push the limits allowed them to build a drag specific Supra in 1990 that broke records in the Pro Stock Class running a 7.91 second in the quarter mile. Their engine building became notorious all over the world when they built engines for F1 racing, and used their experience in F1 to build some of the fastest street and race cars on the planet. HKS has since raced in everything from JGTC, Formula D, Drag Racing, Time Attack and motorcycle racing. HKS continues to put its experience and incredible attention to detail into every product they produce, their main focus is quality over profits, and a balance of power, grip and comfort making them the premier aftermarket companies on the planet, and we are pleased to welcome their return.

HKS Exhausts HKS Carbon EVO HKS Dragster


Currently HKS offers everything from Coilovers Suspension, Engine Internals, Blow Off Valves, Cat Back Exhausts, Electronics and Forced Induction. For more information on HKS, please visit our dedicated HKS store page.

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