BC Racing Coilovers for your 2015 Subaru WRX and STI

So you’ve been to the car meets and seen the most popular cars on social media. When observing, you will notice that most of these cars are lowered, and are fitted with an aggressive set of wheels. Now that you have the formula down, you may notice that often times suspension components will quickly drain the bank account. Factor in that the car is your daily driver, your dreams of the lowered life might become discouraging due to the fact that you will also need an alignment, and you might want to get a roll center kit down the road, among other needed preventative maintenance items needed once going lower.



But hold on. Your dreams aren’t completely crushed yet. There are some budget friendly coil over kits that are quality, and will allow you to scrape your way into the all the summer car shows pending on how low you can go of course. Let’s take a closer look at the BC Racing coil overs.



Included are obviously 4 coil overs. However as a super bonus these coil overs come equipped with their own camber plates, adjusting tools, and instructions. So if you don’t have a professional installing these for you, you might be able to tackle the job if you’re mechanically inclined, and have the proper tools.



Now that you have these installed, next it’s time to lower the car. But ask yourself questions. How good are your dip angle entrance skills? Do you like to autocross manholes? Or perhaps you might have friends who like to jump over speeding cars. Whatever it may be,  read the directions, and start out with a conservative amount. One of benefits of BC Coilovers is that you can lower the strut body into the bottom mount, rather than messing with the existing pre-load of the springs making it hard on your kidneys.



When you’re finished with the desired look, get an alignment so you don’t chew up your tires. You’re going to notice how the car handles much better, but you will could notice a little extra road harshness. And that will be due to the stiffer springs. Keep in mind that these have 30 way adjustable damping for your personal comfort level.



In conclusion you get a full set of coilovers, mounts, and tools for under a grand. The will improve the handling, and looks of that 2015 WRX/STI. Ready to be a part of the low life? Visit us at www.rallysportdirect.com for all of your suspension inquiries.



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