You’ve got your 2015 WRX. Now what?

While we are in the middle of 2015, many of you might have made the 2015 Subaru WRX the latest acquisition in the garage. And with that said, most of you newer WRX owners were probably prior generation WRX owners who had the mod bug.Some say that you can take Rick out of the hood. But you can’t take the hood out of Rick.


Stock Rick:

Modified Rick:

Now that you’re settled in, you might have noticed that the new car smell might have dissipated. You might have gotten over the few rock chips on the lower bumper, and you might have gotten lazy about washing it as much as you promised it before you left the dealership. How can you rekindle that love at first sight spark? Come to That’s what you do.



And just like the prior generations of the WRX, the aftermarket catalog has swiftly grown, and you can enhance that WRX of yours to bring additional excitement to your drive life. Our friends at ETS and Mishimoto are wasting no time creating air box kits, and cold air intakes :



While the leading pioneers of Subaru performance Cobb has the V3 Accessport available for the 2015 WRX:





And yes just like previous generations of the WRX, the 2015 will be no stranger to brapping as we carry several options to choose from. In fact check out our video of the Racecomp catback on our shop WRX:





And it doesn’t end there. Most of you might have matured, and found enjoyment in turns and corners. You will find awesome offerings from Tein, Whiteline, BC Racing, among other companies.



So how do you find parts for your 2015 WRX? Simple go to, and enter in your make and model of your vehicle. And just like that, you will be introduced to a sea of aftermarket go fast goodies that will send your WRX to the moon. After all, life is too short to stay stock.


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