Let’s looks at Perrin’s new line of Gauges!

Our friends at Perrin have released their line of gauges for those of you in the market to enhance your interior while monitoring your engine’s vitals under normal, or spirited driving conditions. These are fully electronic, and one of the better features about these gauges is that they come equipped with a built in controller. 



Perrin’s gauges come in the 60MM size.  The controller actually switches colors between amber, and white so you can have proper visuals depending on the day or night. And on that note all gauges come with a 12-level brightness setting option to your liking. Another bonus is that for those of you who like to keep the lighting on par with your factory gauge cluster settings, Perrin’s gauge wiring can be synched with your car’s headlight switch to allow the same lighting consistency with the rest of your interior.



Let’s dissect the gauges and see what sets these apart from the competition. Inside you will find that these come with a three-core chip. This chip processes many functions and duties simultaneously for faster calculations and accurate readings. You will also discover built in micro stepping motors that operate at optimal speeds to give you the best readings as possible.



What gives the Perrin gauges a pleasing look to the eye are the high illumination LEDs as their backlighting. The connectors to the gauges are also built with waterproof construction. Do you need more than one gauge? Their daisy-chain connectors will power from one gauge to the next, unlike the old school gauges that cluttered your dash with multiple power and ground cables.



You can also set up the gauge controllers to set up warning values with a simple push of a button. The warning effect will include both a light and a buzzer to make sure you don’t blow the welds on your intake manifold while racing Toretto. These gauges can also record the peak value during driving for later references or simple data acquisition.



In conclusion, Perrin has cooked up an innovative gauge that is perfect in size and visually pleasing for the driver. With the latest engineering gadgets in gauge technology, these gauges are pretty simplistic to setup for the installer. For more information on Perrin gauges and all of the products that will make your car happy, visit us at www.rallysportdirect.com. After all, life is too short to stay stock.

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