Don’t let your car overheat this summer!

Summer is officially here, and just like winter to further extremities, summer time can take its toll on your vehicle. But if you fit the bill for the RallySport demographic, chances are you drive a turbo charged sport compact, or you drive something that has all of the horsepowers.



Okay so now that its summer time, it’s going to be sweltering hot for a little bit. What do you need to do to protect your car for the next few months? First keep an eye on your temperature gauge. And on that note, make sure your radiator is cleaned out. Now would be the good time to go to a car wash where there is a pressure washer, and try to spray out or flush out the narrow area between the radiator, and your AC condenser. Often times dirt, as well as dust can build between this space, preventing optimal air flow to the radiator. And take this time to spray off all the bugs you’ve murdered too. Just make sure you take precautions and securely cover exposed intake parts and exposed electrical connectors.


Next inspect your radiator, and make sure you aren’t leaking from the cap, refill area, or any of the inlet areas. Radiators are highly pressurized so it’s possible to overheat with the slightest leak. When OEM radiators fail, it’s fairly known that they will develop a hairline crack that can’t be visible at times until you see coolant bubbling from it. And depending on what kind of car you have, replacing the radiator cap and thermostat are inexpensive preventative maintenance repairs that you can do. Just make sure the car is completely cool while doing this.


But what if your mileage is getting up there, or you just want to upgrade your radiator? What options are there?



Never fear. We at RallySport Direct offer OEM replacement radiators from both Mishimoto, as well as Koyo. Both companies offer a stellar all aluminum radiator that should literally be the last radiator you’ll ever buy for your car. Both radiator options offer a larger core with a more efficient fin design used by race cars. So they should be plenty of radiator for your street car.



Okay cool what about radiator hoses? Yes your factory radiator hoses can only take so much abuse along with wear and tear. The factory materials can expand over time and extreme temperatures. Eventually they will blister and tear at your factory hose clamps. We do carry aftermarket silicone hose examples from the likes of Mishimoto, Samco, and Perrin. But what’s the difference between these fancy hoses compared to OEM units? These are constructed from multi layers of robust silicone that can withhold extreme temperatures, and won’t expand like OEM units.



What about coolant? When it comes to coolant it is very imperative that you use the recommended coolant for your application. Some coolants are phosphate free, some coolants have certain chemical properties that will not damage plastic or aluminum parts. And there are universal coolants that are approved to use in all makes and models. In the winter time it is said that coolant mixtures should be closer to 100% because it doesn’t freeze obviously. However in the summer time, or if you live in Phoenix where cars like to spontaneously combust,  a 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water is a good idea because it is not as thick, and it will flow better within your cooling system.


Cool. Does RallySport offer any nifty coolants and such. You bet your mother in law we do. Mishimoto supplied us with their Liquid Chill Synthetic Engine Coolant. Try saying that 10 times really fast. We offer both of these in pre-mixed, and in full strength. This coolant is good until 750,000 miles. So that’s good news for all of you who drive a 95 Corolla.



We also carry coolant additives from Mishimoto, as well as DEI. These are formulated to transfer heat more efficiently through the cooling system. More importantly they contain corrosion inhibitors that will protect, and keep the guts of the cooling system happy.



What happens if I overheat?



If you notice your temperature needle rising, or get any warning indicators that you’re leaking or low on coolant, stop your car immediately if possible. Call a tow truck, and get your car into the hands of an experienced mechanic, or at least to someone with a mechanical skillset. You might be inconvenienced, but you just saved yourself a few thousand dollars. When your car overheats, you will blow your head gasket. Your cylinder head will also more than likely be warped. This means that if you decide to re-use your head (or heads), they will have to be re-machined, decked, magna flux repaired, dis assembly of the valve train, labor, nightmares, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!




With all this said. If you are concerned about overheating then you should be. You should also visit us at to prevent overheating, explosions, expensive repair bills, and meeting with the Mayor of New York City when the State Puff Marshmallow man invades a town near you.


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