Really dude? You still have a Black Ice Air Freshener in your car?

If you’re still sporting that Black Ice air freshener that’s been in your car since 2007, chances are pretty good that you will find a pair of bedazzled jeans, pointy leather shoes, and the same hair gel that hasn’t lost its viscosity for the last 8 years either.


It’s one thing to be the elephant in the car, but do you really have to make your passengers suffer by making them breathe that bro poison into their lungs? Okay then what do you suggest? Never fear, Eikosha air fresheners are here. And they offer a large variety of scented cans, cartridges, and clips that won’t offend the masses.


If it’s one thing the Japanese are very good at, are creating things that are unorthodox. Their car culture is very animated from blast pipes, to having a car look like it came straight out of a comic book. The food is amazing, and all of the marvels of electronics are born out of Japan. And now they hold the heavyweight title division in air fresheners supplied by Eikosha.



Eikosha indeed is the leading Japanese scent producer, and have been established since 1951. And they bring the aroma of Japan to your super JDM machine. One of the more popular Eikosha products is the AS Cartridge Squash Air Freshener:



They even have refills to fight that stench of whatever bad habit you may produce in your car. When the windows are up. When no one’s looking or listening.



In conclusion if you want a refreshing scent in your car that everybody can appreciate, then you may want to look at one of our options offered from Eikosha. Visit for more details.


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