PST Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts are now available for the 2015 WRX/STi

The PST carbon fiber drive shafts are now available for the 2015 WRX and STI models! A few years back, we installed a PST driveshaft into our shop 2011 STI, and were more than pleased with the results. There was a noticeable difference in how the car drove, how it felt when shifting, and there were performance gains to be had. Now those same benefits are available for the latest WRX, and STi models. Let’s have a re-cap on why the PST driveshaft is a sound investment for those of you thinking about upgrades.



As mentioned in our previous blog about PST Drive Shafts, carbon fiber has a much higher ability to withstand load in the application of fiber lamina direction compared to an equally thick aluminum driveshaft. Carbon fiber drive shafts also obtain a higher speed critical speed. Aluminum drive shafts can start to flex and vibrate above 155 MPH due to the aluminum maxing out its natural frequency. While carbon fiber units are closer to 195 MPH. So this can be beneficial to those of you running race cars, or vehicles running north of 500 H.P.



Also one of the main benefits is that it’s easier on all of your drivetrain components. So the lighter the driveshaft, the less rotational mass at the motor. Conventional aluminum drive shafts can only twist to a certain degree, and they can only absorb a limited amount of shock. Carbon fiber drive shafts can twist up to 10 degrees under hard launching and can handle the absorption of energy, and will greatly reduce the stress on gears, differentials and surrounding drivetrain components.


So what to expect if you make a purchase? First you are going to notice the weight savings. On our 2015 STI the factory driveshaft weighed in at 27.8 lbs. The PST drive shaft weighed in at 14.6 lbs. This was a 13.2 lbs in savings in rotational mass. You will notice a significant enhancement in driving as the car will accelerate smoother, and the typical bucking and shaking of the car will be noticeably smoother as well. On our 2015 WRX, the factory driveshaft weighed in at a lighter 18.9 lbs stock. But the PST unit still saved plenty of weight at 14.9 lbs.



In conclusion, the PST Drive Shaft is one of the most over looked modifications you can do to the WRX/STI. Visit us at for more information on PST Drive Shafts, as well as other enhancements to your vehicle.

PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft – Subaru WRX 6MT 2015/ PST IZW-1561

PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft – Subaru STI 6MT 2015 / PST IZS-1559




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