New product: Racecomp Engineering’s catback exhaust system for the 2011-2015 WRX/STi sedan!

Racecomp Engineering has knocked it out of the ballpark again with their latest catback exhaust systems for the 2011-2015 WRX/STI sedan.  This is the perfect setup for those of you who want performance gains, but not something that’s not too “hey erryone look at me braap”. The exhaust tone is fairly serious with little to no rasp. Let’s have a closer look.


For you DIY’ers, this should be an installation that you can handle yourself. Our shop maestro Rick estimates that you should be able to install this in about an hour. As mentioned before, this does come with all the provided hardware, and if you have a set of simple hand tools, you should be able to save yourself some labor costs if you didn’t want a professional technician to handle the job. The tubing size will be 3 inches, that feature quad 3.5 inch rolled tips.



Okay why should you opt to go with this particular exhaust? Racecomp has fabricated these from 304 stainless steel, and it should be able to endure the elements of every day commuting.  This is a set it and forget it type of exhaust that you should be able to enjoy for a long time. Take note of how much this system complements the FA-20 note on our 2015 WRX.



For you 2015 STI owners, this exhaust system certainly amplifies that flagship EJ25 rumble. And for those of you who have an aftermarket downpipe, the Racecomp catback will allow the car to sing under wide open throttle. Here is a clip of our 2015 STi



Last but not least here is a clip of the Racecomp catback on a 2011 STi sedan. This car still had the factory turbo back exhaust system. With just the cat back you will still have a conservative tone under normal driving conditions. But notice the car wake up under load:



In conclusion the Racecomp Engineering cat back exhaust system will be a great investment that will leave you satisfied. Visit us at for all your aftermarket performance inquiries.

Racecomp Engineering Cat Back Exhaust Sedan Subaru WRX 2011-2015 STI/ STI 2011-2015







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