MagnaFlow wants us all to get along. Now available for your WRX, STi, and the Evo!

Oftentimes when an import owner thinks of the brand Magnaflow, you think of old dudes wearing stone washed vests with frayed shoulder ends, Kenny Powers’ sunglasses gathered around a garage talking about horsepower and horsepower accessories. Typically the subject of the said horsepower machine is a V8 with some kind of flaming paint job, and has an exhaust system to make sure you hear all 8 of them cylinders firing all that freedom.



And be that is it may, MagnaFlow wants to let you know that they are breaking away from that stigma in the minds of sport compact drivers. After all horsepower is the goal in mind, combined with domestic side quality. What if they released an exhaust system for your WRX? What if they had an exhaust system available for your Evo?



Got your attention now there buster? Truth be told, some of you have homemade exhaust systems to try and fool your neighbors in thinking that the land scape workers are at your home at 6 a.m. while you get ready for work. However with a MagnaFlow exhaust system in mind, they are designed to improve performance, looks, and more importantly give your car an exhaust tone to be reckoned with.



“But I heard this brand is the best exhaust to go with, and my buddies baby cousin is deep in the 9’s using so and so exhaust system.”


Look that’s great and everything, but if you want an exhaust system that you can simply purchase, have installed by yourself or your mechanic, and be satisfied with the results, then inquire within.

Okay so what’s included in the box?  Inside you will find an orchestra of 304 stainless steel pipes and all the hardware included to prepare you for installation. These are fabricated for a factory exhaust exit so there’s no cutting or modifying your rear bumper. Sound good? You bet it does.



For more information on our line of exhaust systems from MagnaFlow, visit us at for more information.



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