It’s Spring time. And it’s time for an oil change!

Now that Spring is here, it may be time for major or minor service. Whether if it’s changing belts or plugs, at the least you’re going to want to change fluids.

And if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. “But why change fluids all the time” “I think I took my car in to get an oil change like 4 months ago”? Oil is the blood of your engine. Except over a long period of time, it loses it’s lubrication qualities.

Now you can go up towards 50,000 miles on fluids such as antifreeze. And depending on the car manufacture, you can go long periods of driving on your transmission fluids, and even brake fluid. But why can’t oil get a break? Again over time oil will lose it’s lubrication, it can start to absorb moisture, and when these things happen, the metal components could lose lubrication in pivitol areas like rod bearings.

And if you want to wait even longer, sludge can build up inside the motor. Your motor guts will feel like they are swimming through mud.



Starting to make sense? Also take note of the increased gas mileage, and increased “oomph” once you’ve changed your oil. You are taking away less friction at first, and the internal components are happy and singing inside. Your turbocharger will greatly appreciate this as well. You don’t want sludge building in areas that may have a banjo bolt screen, and you always need proper lubrication in snails.

Okay good to know. But if you’re on our blog, chances are you drive an Evo, or a STI, or even a Corolla. carries quality lubricants to ensure proper lubrication under spirited driving conditions.

If you are a DIY warrior, then here are some products that will keep your car a well oiled machine.

First in no particular order, you’re going to need an oil filter. Many of your local auto parts stores will carry third party brands. But when changing your oil keeping a factory oil filter is probably an optimal choice among certified dealers as well.

And if your car deserves the absolute best. Redline and Motul are race proven oils used by several factory race teams, and they are also used by teams who build cars used in Time Attack style circuits.

Lastly, the online DIY sources always recommend a new drain plug washer. But let’s take it a step further by recommending a magnetic drain plug. Why magnetic? When you’re finished driving for the day, oil will settle towards the bottom of the pan. The drain plug will catch all the metallic impediments that may or may not be floating around inside your motor. This will help keep things clean and debris free, and it could go as far as extending the life of your engine.


So there you have it. Now that it is warmer outside, and if you’re up for the job, visit us at and give our lubrication section a gander.



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