Tein Mono Sport Coilovers Mitsubishi Evolution X

Mono Sport Coilovers 2008-2014 Mitsubishi Evo X.

Part number: TEI1 GSE18-71SS4 – Tein Monosport Coilovers – Evo X



When shopping for coilovers, the typical consumer for most sport compact applications have one objective. And that’s basically how low can I go. Your basic coilovers feature a strut, spring, and a locking lower perch for the spring to rest on. The lower the perch, the lower the car will go. Typically springs will be stiffer to accommodate the ride height, but overall the ride comfort can be compromised, and losing pre-load will effect the ride quality.

If you’re okay with that and just want a more aggressive look, then basic coilovers will get you by. But there are other variables to consider. More importantly, how is your driving style?



When searching online forums, there’s an abundance of track photos. You can’t help to notice how aggressive that car looks entering, or exiting the corners. You notice how nice those aggressive wheels are tucked in the fenders. Now that the objective is at hand,  you want your car to do all these wonderful things the internet car is doing.



Tein has been a pioneer developer in the suspension game for a long time. And the Mitsubishi Evolution has been one of the best handling legendary all wheel drive platforms to come out of Japan. You got yourself an Evo and what now? Aside from daily driving duties, some may partake in weekend grassroots activities. There are autocross events, track days, or you might just live near one of the best driving canyons in your town. Either way, if suspension was an element on your list of modifications, more than likely Tein has been a brand within your decision.



Why choose the new Mono Sports?

For the money you get a a complete package ready to install in your vehicle. Let’s check out the features:

Full-length ride height adjustment feature

Unlike messing with pre-load, you can actually loosen the perches, and adjust ride height by turning the strut body to your desired ride height, without losing ride quality.


Lightweight with new upright tube designed for strength

Compared to your factory suspension, you will notice the pounds you’re going to shed. Improve the handling and reduced weight = win win.


Mono-tube design

A single cylinder design ensuring the best ride quality as possible for a coilover setup.


16-level damping force adjustment

Allows for linear damping force adjustment to your liking.


Adjustable (front) upper mounts included

You don’t have to utilize your factory top hats for these and you don’t have to outsource a third party manufacture with aftermarket adjustable mounts. These come equipped and ready to install.


In-car adjustment capable

These are EDFC compatible for in cabin adjustment on the fly.


Adjustable dampers to improve ride regardless of spring height

Simply leave your pre-load locked in to your specs while adjusting the height with the strut body.


Can be rebuilt and revalved

No need to buy another set of coilovers if one should happen to recieve damage. You can send one unit back to Tein’s headquarters for a full rebuild.



Overall if you want a coilover set that can handle daily driving abilities, as well as weekend track conditions, the Mono Sport is offers a lot of value. Visit us at RallySportDirect.com and see if we carry a set for your application.














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