Through Our Eyes: Air Lift Suspension


Airlift makes a direct bolt on air suspension kit for most Subaru models as well as other makes and models.  In my opinion Airlift Performance makes the best kit for the Subaru market.


The main thing I really like with the Airlift Performance is the air fitting placement on the struts because it is on the bottom of the bag. This keeps the fitting from getting in the way of the frame, body or other lines on the vehicle.  Most other companies mount the fitting off to the side, which can cause fitment issues.  For example, when adjusting the camber, a side mount fitting can contact the frame of the vehicle and that can cause potential issues such as creating leaks or breaking a fitting or line


Fitting attaches at bottom of bag


Airlift uses a threaded body monotube strut with adjustable 30-level damping and camber plates front and rear (depending on application).  In addition to the damping adjustments, you can adjust the spring rate with air pressure as well.  Airlift uses push to connect fittings on almost everything, including the air strut and ecu, which makes installation of the airlines very simple.


Airlift has a double bellow air spring for the front suspension and they use a sleeve style air spring for the rear.  The double bellow air spring in the front struts will provide tons of lift, a smooth ride and a progressive spring rate, which will also provide a better load capacity.  The rear sleeve style air spring is a lot smaller in diameter and will have a more linear spring rate.  Sleeve style air springs are best suited for the rear of the vehicle as they have fewer load capacity requirements.


Most common question about air suspension:  Is air suspension worth it?


If you want the ability to drive low and park even lower or get over speed bumps without bottoming out your car, then yes I think it is 100% worth it.  Another thing with Airlift is they have track driven cars that use their suspension and it holds up to the task.  Now given it is not designed to be a full track suspension, but with the dampening and adjustability you can drive the car hard and still have fun with it.


Suspension management system: Air Lift Auto Pilot V2:  It is a simple pressure based system that works surprisingly well and is very user friendly.  The cool thing with this system is it has about 8 different presets that you can program and recalibrates it-self automatically, which is nice.


Set it and forget it:  This system includes its own computer which saves presets, monitors the entire system, and tells the compressor when to turn on and off.  There are different settings and you can customize just about anything including tank pressure, response time (lifting & lowering) and auto lift on start up.  The control unit displays the pressure in the tank and in each bag, which is very convenient because you don’t need separate gauges to monitor those pressures.



Overall I feel that this air kit is one of the best bangs for your buck.It allows comfortable ride, a lot of height adjustment, simple to install, and simple to use. It really is a plug and play setup, which for me is something that is very convenient.I feel that air ride has come a long way since it was first introduced and will only keep getting better and better. I urge you to try it out for yourself.





  1. Lorraine Jacobssays:

    This is really very nice! I so believe that airlift suspension is the best thing to use. Seeing the video looks very nice and the car as well is wonderful. Moreover, finding a good suspension is necessary so that you can be sure that it can serve it best function.   -

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