How-To: Install Whiteline Rear Adjustable Toe Arms on 2013+ Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

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While we were installing our rear lateral links and air bags on the 2013 Subaru BRZ, we wanted to install the Whiteline Rear Adjustable Toe Arms while we were at it.. These install in just a few minutes and take very minimal tools. So let’s take a look at what Whiteline has to say about them:
Whiteline Rear lower Lateral Toe Adjustment Turnbuckle arm allows for a more precise adjustment of toe on the rear suspension over the stock units. When installing coil overs and lowering the car, sometimes the OEM rear toe adjustment is not enough to put it back to reasonable spec. Where the Whiteline unit comes in, is that it allows for a wider range of adjustment. These units include a harder polyurethane rubber on the in-bore side, which has much less flex compared to the stock units. This gives you better feedback, and less flex allowing for more precise feedback. They also feature a motor sports outer ball joint, which helps to cope with stress that is exerted on these components when exposed to hard use.

This kit also includes the toe lock kit which allows you to lock in the toe settings on the car.
Now, we just have to get the tools together to get this thing replaced. Should be easy enough.
1) Hammer
2) 17mm, 19mm 7/8”wrenches
3) Ratchet or impact
4) 19mm socket
5) Pliers

Let’s get started! First things first, let’s get the car up and secure on some jack stands and get the rear tires/wheels off. Now we have access to the bolts/nuts that hold the factory tow arms in place. Pull the clip out of the stud so we can get the outer nuts off. Take your wrench and break it loose, then it should thread off.

Now take the inner bolt/nut off and pull the inner bushing out of the sleeve. You just have to tap the top of the bolt of the ball joint a few times and it will fall out of place:

Remove the factory arm, take it over to your Whiteline replacements and compare the two. You want to make sure that these are as close to the same length as possible till you take the car down to have an alignment done. Now slide the Whiteline unit in place.

Now we need to lube up the bushings on the inner part of the arm with the provided lube. Once you have it all lubed up, slide it in place

Now we can put our bolts and nuts in place and tighten them to factory specifications. Don’t forget to put the pin in the castle nut to reduce the possibility of the nut working loose!

Tighten up your adjustment lock nuts and that’s it! You’re ready to go. Now that you have your tow adjusters, you can go as low as you want without worrying about abnormal tire wear due to an incorrect tow setting. Now that was simple, and a well worthwhile mod for anyone looking to adjust their car out of factory specs due to adjustments beyond factory ride height or wheel fitment. Enjoy! Thanks for reading!



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