RallySport Direct @ Subiefest 2013!



When we found out that Subiefest 2013 was being held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA we knew that we once again had to attend this amazing Subaru Festival. This time around we shipped our booth down to So-Cal and drove the Albino Rhino from Salt Lake City (As most of you know by following our craziness on Facebook and Instagram), huge thanks to our Friends at Turbosmart and Whiteline for helping out with getting our booth to the track.

At Subiefest 2013 it was great reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones. It was definitely a pleasure meeting everyone and connecting faces to the chats, phone calls, emails, etc. Even with the hot weather the atmosphere at Subiefest was completely amazing, we are extremely proud to be part of the Subaru Family!


Now on to the media; For the full gallery checkout our Facebook Page, also don’t forget to watch the video of our drive to and from Subiefest!.


RallySport Direct on Facebook


 Albino Rhino w/Whiteline Girl Luccia – Activating Grip!

IG: lucciamodel


Snail Performance Time Attack Beast Bugeye!


Pure Perfection!


Clean FR-S from the GT Spec/RavSpec Booth!


Nicely Wrapped!


Because Drag Car!


Because you can never have enough Bugeye photos!


One Nutty Legacy!


This receives the RallySport Direct seal of approval!


Them White Brembos!!!


MOTO IQ’s Functional FR-S!


Looking pretty on CCW’s


The $500 Gift Card Raffle Winner, Wohooooo!!!!


$50 Instagram Gift Card Winner, Congrats Joey! IG: thebaby_kangaroo


Danny, another winner of the $50 Instagram hashtag contest!! That beard! IG: DLOW624


Sporting the special Edition RallySport Direct/Subiefest Sunglasses!


Rick has lotsa fans!


People are loving the sunglasses!!


Throwback RallySport Direct Shirt, Hi^5!!


More trendy people rocking the RallySport Direct Sunglasses!


E-Famous Rick being interviewed!


Excellent sticker placement!


Awesome Tattoo, now thats dedication!


Them awesome glasses, I need a pair!


Yup, even more fashionably inclined peeps, make sure to attend the next meet for you chance to receive some RallySport Direct Glasses!


No, we’re not done yet. Here are some more random photos from our trip, starting with “Ain’t nobody got time for trailers”


Entering Nevada, Rick getting his JDM Gangsta lean on!


Facebook check in time, Arizona!


Behind the Scenes from our Facebook Check-Ins!


PUPPY!!! Because: AWWWW


Rick has a new best friend!



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