How-To: Install cp-e Triton Dual Cat-Back Exhaust on 2010+ Mazdaspeed3

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Looking for a little more out of your 2010+ MazdaSPEED3 exhaust?

Introducing the cp-e™ Triton™ 3″ cat back exhaust for the 2nd Generation MazdaSPEED3’s.

Featuring a full 3″ Stainless Steel mid pipe, two cp-e™ designed resonators, and dual 4″ polished exhaust tips; this cat back exhaust will not only improve the breathing of your 2nd gen MazdaSPEED3, it will also give you that aggressive exhaust note you’ve been looking for!

The cp-e™ Triton cat back exhaust for the 2nd gen MazdaSPEED3 has a very controlled exhaust note. No drone at cruising speeds, yet pronounced and aggressive at wide open throttle.

For those of you who have replaced the extremely restrictive factory downpipe, this 3″ cat back will remove the last bottleneck in the exhaust stream; increasing the engines breathing capacity and smoothing out the turbo spool.

All cp-e™ exhausts are made from Super Polished Stainless Steel. The 18g heavy duty stainless piping is mandrel bent and cut on their in-house CNC Bender and CNC Mills. The systems feature custom cast Stainless Flanges, reliable hangers, custom made Stainless Mufflers and polished stainless tips. Everything is TIG welded by hand to get beautiful color and durability in the welds. Designed fully in a CAD environment to guarantee a factory-like fit every-time with great performance gains.

Brand: cpe
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited LIfetime Warranty
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping ID: 3in
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No
Tip Material: Stainless Steel
Tip QTY: 2
Tip Size: 4in

As always great packaging and presentation by CP-E.

You can either do this installation on a lift or with jack stands. Luckily we have a lift here at work which always makes working on cars easier so I opted to take advantage of it for this install.

To remove the factory catback you’ll basically only need a 12mm and 14mm socket and ratcheting wrench.

Start off by removing the mid chassis brace by removing the 8 12mm bolts. The brace has some hooks on it so you’ll have to slide it back before it will drop down and off the car.

Use your 14mm to remove the nuts from both axleback and midpipe.

Next you’ll disconnect the exhaust hangers and drop the factory system out of the way.

Here is the car with the factory catback uninstalled.

Mount up the pretty CP-E axle-back section.

To install the midpipe, when connecting it to a factory downpipe or factory style you’ll need to remove the stock studs and connect using the supplied bolts and washers and reuse the factory springs.

To connect the axle-back and midpipe you’ll need to install the 3rd pipe in the kit that are slip fit connections with clamps.

After you’ve connected all the pipes reinstall the chassis brace while ensuring you don’t overtorque these bolts.

Install the tips as the last part. There is a fair amount of adjustment on the tips so that you can either install them flush with the bumper, out further or have them sit tucked under the bumper, really whatever you feel you like best.

Here is the finished product.

Don’t forget to watch the video we made of the exhaust.






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