How-To: Install Whiteline Rear Sway Bar on a 2010+ Mazdaspeed3

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Whiteline’s 2 hole 27mm adjustable sway bar allows trimming of oversteer/understeer through varying the sway bars ability to resist weight transfer via increasing or decreasing the effective arm length of the sway bars mounting position. If desired you can even set one side at the “hardest” position and set the other side at the “softest” position to achieve your desired effects.

A bigger front sway bar will give the car more understeer where a bigger rear bar will give the car more oversteer.

Part #: WHI BMR88Z
Brand: Whiteline
Return Policy: RallySport Guarantee
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Adjustable : Yes
Bushings Included : Yes
Mounts Included : No
Sway Bar Diameter : 27mm
Sway Bar Type : Solid

There are a total of 4 bolts and 2 nuts that need to be removed in order to uninstall the factory sway bar. You can see them circled in the picture below.

Start by removing the 4 14mm bolts holding the sway bar brackets to the car.

Remove the 17mm nut securing the endlinks to the sway bar on both sides.
**This car has low miles on it so I was able to simply remove these nuts with a socket and wrench. On older vehicles you will need to use a box end wrench and allen key to keep the endlink from rotating with the nut**

Remove the stock sway bar by pushing the endlinks away from the bar.

Go ahead and pull the Whiteline bar and components out of the bag.
(Make note that this kit comes with 2 different sets of bushings from Whiteline. The larger bushings will not be used on the MS3 application.)

Toss the new bar on the car by loosely fitting the swaybar brackets and hardware on and inserting the endlinks into the hole you want to use. The hole closer to the center of the bar is going to be stiffer than the outside hole.

Go ahead and torque the bracket bolts down to the proper specification: 31-39ft/lbs

Torque the endlink nuts down to the proper specification: 33-44ft/lbs
You will also use a 3mm allen to tighten the lateral lock collars down on the bar. With the bar centered as best possibly visually you will install the lateral locks down with a 3-4mm gap from the bushing per Whitelines instructions while being careful not to over tighten and strip them out.

After everything is put back together you’ll have a nice huge 27mm bar on the rear.

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