How-To: Install Ohlins Coilovers on a 2008+ Mitsubishi EVO X

You can purchase these Coilovers directly from us HERE

Installation Difficulty 2.5 out of 5

Installation Time (about 1 -1.5 hours)

Tools Needed:
-Flat Head Screwdriver
-6mm and 5mm Allen Wrench
-12mm Wrench or Socket
-14mm Wrench and Socket
-17mm Wrench and Socket
-19mm Wrench and Socket

Ohlins Packaging

Everything you will receive in your packages

Got to Love that Gold on the Ohlins 

Before we installed the the coilovers they needed to be assembled.

Assembly was pretty straight forward just make sure you install your 10k front springs on the Front Struts and 7k Rear Springs on the Rear 

Front 10k Springs Part #47010-31/100C 022

Rear 7k Springs Part # 47010-19/70C 022


-Remove your wheels and tires to give you all the room you need to remove your stock suspension and install your newcoilovers.

If you have a lift before raising the car up you will want to loosen the 3 – 14mm nuts on top of your front Struts on each side.

From Down below on the back side of the front struts there will be a 12mm nut holding the brake line and sensor wire bracket.

Removing this nut will allow you to remove the bracket with lines from the original struts.

Using a 19mm Open end wrench and 19mm Socket remove the 2 nut and bolts on the bottom of the Front Strut Assemblies.

Once these have been removed you can loosen the top 3 -14mm nuts to remove the old strut. Re-installing will be in the reverse order 

60k miles with winter driving has started to show its use on the stock suspension.

Front Suspension Torque specs are as follows:

For the 3 -14mm nuts on top of the strut assembly 33 +- 3 Ft-Lb.

For the 2 -19mm Nuts and bolts on the Bottom of the struts assembly 81 +/- 8 ft-lb .

To start on the Rear Assembly you will need a Flat Head screwdriver to to remove the interior plastic.

Start by removing the trunk carpet.

Your will next step will be to remove the clips that hold the plastic cover over the Battery and Washer resistor.

2 Clips on top

And two Clips on each side

Once all 4 clips have been removed pull the plastic cover down and out

Next Step will be to remove both side carpets.

There are two clips on both sides that hold the carpet in now.

These are threaded clips so simply twist to the left to loosen and pull off.

You will now have access to the top 2 -14mm nuts that hold the top strut assembly to the chassis.

With your 14mm Socket loosen both nuts on top of the strut.

The one on the back side is a little tricky to get to and undo as you do not have that much room but its not too bad 

A view of both nuts from inside.

Once both of these have been loosened you can now work on the lower side.

Using a 17mm socket and wrench you can loosen and remove the lower bolt that holds the Strut and Lower control arm in place.

With the lower bolt removed you can now remove the top 2 -14mm nuts and remove the rear strut assembly to install your New Ohlins 

Install in the reverse order.

Rear Suspension Torque Specs are as follows:

For the 2 -14mm nuts on the top of the strut assembly 33 +- 3 Ft-Lbs.

For the 1 – 17mm Nut and Bolt on the bottom of the assembly 52 +/- 7 ft-lb.

A nice part that Ohlins has included with these coilovers is the remote adjusters for Damping/ Rebound for the rear.

There is one for each side in the rear.

This will allow you to easily adjust your damping and rebound with the turn of a knob with out having to remove the trunk interior.

This hole in the rear of the chassis I found to be a great location spot to have adjuster knob sitting that will not be covered once all the trunk interior parts are back in.

I fished the end that goes into the top of the strut assembly like shown in the picture below.

This will connect into the top of the strut like shown below.

Using the provided Allen tool you can tighten the little Allen screw to hold the remote adjuster in place.

Installed remote adjuster 

Reinstall your trunk interior and you will now be able to easily access the adjustment knobs 

When you are all done reinstall your wheels and Make sure to torque your lug nuts before trying out your new suspension 

To adjust your Damping/ Rebound on the front struts locate the little knob on the bottom of the Ohlins strut assembly.

Left to soften Right to stiffen.

Same with the rears, but you will have easy access with the provided adjuster knobs.

Before Ohlins installed 

After Ohlins installed 

Some cool Professional installed pictures of the Ohlins to show off 

Last is a pretty cool cut away shot our company photographer did 

If you have any questions or concerns on how to install please feel free to let us know.

Thank you,



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