How-To: Install Vortech Supercharger on 2013+ Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ

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First and foremost, always inspect your kit to make sure you will have everything you need and that everything is in good condition. Vortech’s instructions will give you a complete breakdown of every part, however the instructions were fairly vague, so we hope this install writeup will help anyone who wants to install their own Vortech Supercharger kit on their BRZ or FR-S.

We did not do everything by the book step-by-step, so please keep that in mind if our instructions differ slightly from the Vortech install manual. Also these instructions will be specific for the BRZ, as the FR-S will differ slightly.

Vortech wants you to flash the ECU as the very first step, that way if your ECU is not compatible, you can get it taken care of before you jump into the install.

First we wanted to get the car ready to be worked on, so that means removing the under tray, and front bumper, please note we did not remove the passenger side headlight until later in the install, but you could also do that along with the front bumper.
Remove the front clips holding the fender liner to the bumper, remove the corner lights, and unplug the corner lights as well as the DRL’s

Next remove the clips and bolts on the upper portion of the bumper.

Make sure you get all of the underpanel clips and bolts out, including those on the fender liner.

The bumper will be ready for removal. It helps to have someone helping you remove the bumper to avoid any scratches.

Remove the factory air box and snorkel. These should come out easily with a 10mm wrench and flat head screwdriver for the clamps.

Make sure to unplug your MAF sensor.

Also remove the PCV valve from the intake

Remove the Sound chamber/tube bracket

Now we will remove the tube itself down on the passenger side frame rail

Use the supplied rubber cap to cap off the sound tube

Remove the serpentine belt by loosening the tensioner on the passenger side of the engine bay
Remove the alternator as we will need to grind down the OEM bracket and install the supplied spacer/bracket

Make sure to remove the clip holding the wiring harness down

File down the top side of the bracket. This is soft aluminum, so even a bastard file will make quick work of it.

Install the supplied alternator spacer/bracket in the orientation shown.

Make sure to tighten the supplied long bolt/nut running through the bracket

Remove the lower bolts on the A/C compressor

We will be using a new bracket which will be in 2 pieces. Pre-assemble as shown and tighten down the bolt that holds the extension tube to the bracket

This is where the bracket will be going.

Install the assembled bracket to the lower portion of the A/C compressor

Remove the splined idler pulley just below the alternator. Set off to the side as we will re-install this

Remove the smooth idler below the A/C compressor. Set off to the side as we will re-install this.

Remove the smooth idler between the A/C compressor and the alternator, we will be replacing this with a supplied idler.

Install the smooth idler with supplied hardware

Reinstall the splined idler and smooth idler. Fit the extension tubes with the longer supplied bolts. Do not tighten the bolts yet as they will have to come back out anyway.

Use the Vortech manual’s directions to loosely route the new serpentine belt .

It will look something like this.

Using a friend, support the Supercharge assembly and thread the extended bolts into the extension tubes, through the idlers and into the block. This is quite tricky as you need everything to be supported and lined up correctly. *note we found it easiest to do the passenger side first, and then the driver side.

Once you get the threads started, tighten down the bolts. *note, we recommend keeping these finger tight as you may have to loosen them a bit to get clearance when routing the belt.

Use the supplied hardware to secure the Supercharger to the A/C compressor bracket we installed previously. Again, we recommend keeping this finger tight for now.

Find the supplied upper alternator bracket, first secure it to the super charger assembly.

Then attach it to the new alternator bracket/riser using the supplied hardware.

The belt is a bit of a tight fit between the supercharger pulley and the A/C compressor. Keeping all the bolts finger tight on the super charger assembly will allow you to get a bit more clearance when routing the belt. * note, have a friend operate the tensioner while you route the belt.

I tried to snap some decent pictures of the belt routing, but it was difficult to do with the Supercharger assembly in the way.

Now we can more onto the smaller supercharger support brackets. We will need to remove the bolts on the passenger side head, located next to the cam/avcs covers.

New supplied bracket/hardware all laid out

When installing, make sure the thicker washer is behind the support bracket.

Now install the Air/box support bracket on the driver side in this orientation.

Since we have the Prova hood dampers, we did not install the supplied hood prop support bracket.

The Alternator cover can go back on without modification

If you want to re-use your factory A/C compressor cover, you will need to modify it. Go slow with this to make sure you do not remove too much material. Remember measure twice cut once saying? Well ours was measure 8-10 times, and cut about 5 times 

Vortech offers the washer reservoir as your stock one will not work with the intercooler piping. You will need to remove the factory reservoir. First I disconnected the harness clips from the reservoir.

Next unplug the main connector to the washer motor.

Now free the filler neck from the car.

Now you can unbolt the reservoir from the car.

We drained our washer fluid into a clean bucket so we could re-use it.

Now we can get the supplied reservoir setup. First insert the rubber grommet into the top opening of the reservoir.

Insert the metal filler tube into the new reservoir.

Cut the OEM filler neck down to size, I used the OEM markings to make it easy.

Install the rubber hose onto the cut filler neck.

Install the OEM pump which will be surrounded by the supplied screw on cap. Note* make sure the rubber gasket is centered, and test the reservoir before install it onto the car.

Now install the supplied brackets on both sides of the reservoir. *Note, I would have the bolt/nut end of the hardware facing towards the front of the car for better fender liner fitment.

Mount the reservoir onto the car. *note I would wait to install the filler neck until you get the charge pipes installed.

At any point in time you can modify the OEM under tray, you will drill or file about 1/8 inch. We used a round file as it the plastic is pretty soft. You will have to do this for proper fitment once everything goes back together.

Now we wanted to modify our 2 small plastic air ducts that are on the sides of the radiator, so first we need to pop off the clips.

Vortech supplies templates, which we cut out to make for a good fit inside the ducts.

We used a hole saw as a start, thinking that the cleaner we could make these, the better.

We ended up having to trim more off to clear the piping, so here is a picture of them modified and back on the car with the intercooler piping.

We are almost ready to install the intercooler and charge pipes, but first we must re-locate the factory horn.

Once removed, you will want to flatten out the tabs for re-location.

The Vortech instructions were un-clear where to re-mount the horn, so we found this to be a suitable location.

Now we can prepare the Intercooler for install. First install the supplied brackets, but do not tighten all the way as you will want to move them around to get the intercooler to sit where you would like it.

Now test fit the intercooler and make sure to mark where you want to drill into the bumper beam.

Now Drill baby drill! The bumper beam is pretty soft so it is not too bad to drill.

Note* From here on out the pictures were a bit hit and miss as we had a few people jump in to help out, but I will do my best to explain.

With the Intercooler mounted and secure, we will want to move onto the piping. With any piping, I always make sure that they are free from any debris.

Next we will want to remove the factory MAF from the intake and install it on the passenger side charge pipe. *note, our kit included the plug and play extension harness, which was ran and hidden well before I was able to snap a picture of it.

Install the charge pipe that goes directly to the throttle body. *note there is a supplied bracket you will install just right of the dip stick. You can see the bracket and the rubber isolater in this picture just right of the dip-stick.

To install the passenger side charge pipe on our BRZ we had to remove the passenger side headlight. This is held on by a few bolts and clips and was really easy to remove. *note, for all of the charge pipes, we found it easiest to slide the coupler completely on the charge pipe, and then once the pipes are in place, slide the couple down onto the other charge pipe and secure with clamps.

Once the charge pipe is in place, we can re-install the headlight.

Now move on to the Driver side. Use the short elbow coming right off the intercooler.

Next will be the compressor discharge hose coming off of the supercharger. This will have the port for the blow off valve on it.

Make sure to oil your Blow Off Valve filter, install the hose and clamps and secure it to the intercooler pipe. *note, with the supplied oil/packet, it was difficult not to over-oil the filter, so do your best to use a minimal amount of oil. Expect some dripping from the filter on initial startup.

We can now install the filler neck on the washer reservoir. Use the supplied spacer and mount it just behind the driver side headlight. Make sure to secure the clamps.

Next we removed the factory MAP sensor and install the included Omni sensor in its place.

Next is the air box. Use the supplied bracket on the passenger side as shown here.

The coupler was a bit tricky due to the spacer limitations, but it should go on with a bit of patience. Make sure to hook back up the PCV lines using the supplied hoses and fittings.

The factory snorkel will hook up to the Vortech Air box just like the stock air box.

Next we installed the brass T-fitting in the brake booster line after the factory check valve. *Note it was very late, we were tired and we regret putting it here as you can clearly see the fitting when the hood is open. It would be much cleaner mounted closer to the engine.

Run the vacuum line to the blow off valve. We used a T fitting and ran a line to our boost gauge as well.

Place the factory side air ducts back into place and measure if you need to cut any more for clearance on the pipes. We had to trim quite a bit of plastic off, but just go slow to get it as clean as possible.

There are a few support brackets which attach to the charge pipe. 2 on the lower air ducts(not pictured) and 1 on the air box bracket on the driver side. You can secure the charge pipes to the brackets using the supplied clamps.

Check the oil in the Super charger to make sure it is full, and add any oil if needed. Also make sure to switch out the shipping plug to the vented plug before you start the car.

Go through and double check all of your bolts, clamps, connections and fitment before you start the car.

I would recommend starting the car before you install the bumper to make sure you do not have any leaks, or anything else that would require work to the car.

Once you confirm everything looks good and is secure, re-install the front bumper and undertray. *note, our coolant reservoir was a tight fit between the bumper and the fender liner, do your best to make sure it fits correctly.

Start up the car, check for any leaks, let the blow off valve filter drain any excess oil, and then go for a drive!







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