How-To: Install TOM’S LED Tail Lights on 2013+ Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

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First Step, make sure you have the LED relay and the 2 rear tails and that everything is in good condition. Yes? Then proceed 

I installed the LED flasher first, but you could do this at anytime.

Open the driver side door, pop off the side access panel, it pops off easily from the bottom.

We need to take off the lower dash panel, so we will need to remove the 2 screws holding it to the dash.

Now you can take off the lower dash panel, which should pop right out with light force

I did not remove any of the electrical connectors as changing out the relay/flasher is a quick job.

The relay is located just to the left of the steering column, but is a bit tricky to access due to the location.

I did not take a picture of this, but I had to insert a very small flat head screwdriver to release the relay from the white plastic clip holding it to the dash beam. Once the relay is free from the clip, you have a bit more room to change it out.

The new LED relay is a direct plug and play and will even attach to the dash beam just like stock.

Plug the new relay in, attach it back to the white clip, and reinstall the lower dash panel and access panel.

Moving on to the Tail Lights, we will need to first remove the trunk floor liner, and the center plastic section which is held on by 3 black plastic clips.

Pop all 3 clips out and remove the center plastic section.

Now we can remove the driver side trunk panel. There should be 5 clips total and the trunk popper switch.


The passenger side panel should also have 5 clips total to remove

With the trunk liners removed we now have access to the tail light harness and nuts.

I popped the white harness holders off the stud with my flat head, there will be 1 on the passenger side and 2 on the driver side. You could also use a pick to lift up the clip holding the zip-tie

Unplug the main harness from the tail lights

Now use your 8mm socket to remove the 4 nuts on each taillight

With all 4 nuts removed and the harness unplugged, carefully remove the tail lights.


Carefully put the new tail light back in, making sure everything is aligned correctly.

Install all 4 nuts on the new tail light and plug in the harness. Check to make sure the lights are functioning properly.

*PLEASE NOTE* We had to re-pin our factory harness connection due to the difference in JDM Vs. USDM cars, so here is a brief description of how to re-pin the harness in if your car requires it.

On the harness plug itself, there will be a plastic tab on the top, use a small flat head or dental pick to lift it up and away from the plug.


Always take a picture of the wires for reference

I was not able to take a non-blurry picture of the pins and the small plastic clips inside the plug that hold the pins in, but using your dental pick you will want to essentially push the metal pin down, slide the pick towards the back of the plug, and this should also lift the plastic clip up, freeing the pin to be slid out from the back.

The end result, here is the proper wire configuration for the driver side taillight.

And the passenger side tail light’s correct wiring

Once you confirm the tail lights are working to your liking, go ahead and secure the pins back into the plugs, and snap down the small plastic tab we removed earlier. Button everything back up and go enjoy your new tail lights!!!




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