How-To: Install Prova Steering Wheel on 2013+ Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

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So it seems I may be on a Prova kick recently. But this is one of those items that I literally could not wait to install, so you may have an idea of how excited I was when I saw this box on my desk.

First things first, we have to make sure the item is in good condition and has everything included.

Everything looked great, well better than great, it looks amazing!

When messing with Airbags, I always prefer to disconnect the Battery, but others just remove the horn relays to prevent honking your horn through the install.

Use a 10mm combination wrench to disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Or you can remove the (2) 7.5AMP horn fuses located in the engine bay’s fuse box.

Now we can move onto removing the OEM wheel. On the backside of the wheel you will see 3 small holes in the plastic surround. Shine a light in there and you should see a small metal rod in each hole. You are going to push each rod in towards the center of the wheel, in parallel with the wheel. That side of the airbag should pop out a bit without any problem. Repeat this process on the other 2 metal rods.

You can see how each one is oriented here and the direction you need to push the rods. 

With the airbag out, you will remove the 2 harness clips on the backside of the airbag.

Use a small flat head screwdriver to lift the yellow tab so you can remove the plug. 

The plug should come right out with a gentle tug. Don’t forget the ground wire for the horn.

Air bag is out!

Now we can remove the lower plastic trim on the wheel, there will be 2 screws holding these to the frame of the wheel.

With the screws removed, give it a tub to release it from the wheel.

Now remove the harness going to the Cruise Control stalk, it’s a bit tricky to get to, so I used a small flat head to help with the removal.

The center nut is 17mm and is on tight! Have a buddy hold the wheel, or use the internal wheel lock to keep the wheel from spinning when removing this. Note: DO NOT remove the nut all the way! That way when you have to summon your super human strength to remove the wheel from the steering shaft, you won’t smash it into your face. I like to center the wheel before sliding it off the splines, which should make for a hassle free install with the steering wheel alignment. 

Carefully slide the harnesses through the small opening at the top of the wheel as you are removing the wheel from the steering shaft. Pay close attention that the clock spring remains in the upward position(or whatever position it was in when the steering wheel was removed)

We can now start the disassembly of the steering wheel accessories. I started with the rubber damper/spring located at the top of the wheel. It comes off easily with 2 screws.

Next I removed the Cruise Control Stalk, which is also held in by 2 screws. I also popped off the back plastic cover.

Make sure to transfer over the metal rods/clips that hold in the air bag. I found it best to do one at a time with both steering wheels next to each other. This way you can make sure they go in the same way they came off the old wheel.

Now compare the stock wheel to the new wheel and be proud you are half way done!

I snapped on the rear black plastic cover first, and then proceeded to bolt on the rubber damper/horn spring, but you could do this in any order.

Now slide the Cruise Control Stalk into place and secure it with the 2 screws.

The new Steering Wheel is ready to go back in the car!

Carefully slide the harnesses through the back of the wheel and orientate the wheel in the exact position it came off. 

Tighten center nut, and check alignment of the steering wheel.

Plug the cruise control harness back into the stalk.

Pop the lower plastic trim back onto the wheel and secure it with the 2 screws.

Plug in the airbag harness. Remember, Orange on Orange, Black on Black. Push the yellow clips down to secure them to the airbag. 

Hook up the ground wire to the horn.

Push air bag assembly back into the steering wheel. It should pop right into place on all 3 corners. If you notice one does not seem to secure itself down, remove the airbag again and check to make sure the Metal rods/clips are fully seated and try again. It should go in without issue.

Enjoy your new Steering Wheel!






  1. Great install guide, thanks! May I ask if you would clarify just on issue? You state: Pay close attention that the clock spring remains in the upward position(or whatever position it was in when the steering wheel was removed)… I am not clear on this? where exactly is the clock spring

  2. Rick @ RallySportDirect.comsays:

    on the picture that comment was made, it is the part with the wires coming out of it. It sits directly behind the steering wheel itself. It will be clear once you take off the steering wheel as that portion will just spin freely, so just make sure to not spin in, and keep it in the same orientation as when you took the wheel off. Sometimes I will apply a small piece of tape just to keep it from moving.

    Hope this helps!

  3. So, is the clock spring actually the black round ring (plastic) that has ribs in it, with what looks like a smaller round rubber gasket in towards the center? This surrounds the threaded rod where you attach the nut on the center of the steering wheel correct?

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