How-To: Install Coilovers on a 2010+ Mazdaspeed3

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Most of you have probably never heard the name Pedders Suspension here in North America. Pedders is an Australian based company that manufactures top end OE struts, upgraded replacement struts, high performing coilovers and many other suspension parts. They are very well known with V8 super cars and produce top performing parts. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone here state side using their coilovers so I really wanted to get a set on Yurtle and see how they did.

These are going to be 30-way adjustable damping and come with pillow-ball hats in the front that offer more camber adjustment than you will probably ever need. With independent ride height adjustability you will be able to adjust spring pre-load and ride height without compromising performance and ride quality.

The awesome part is Pedders offers a 2 year / 36,000 mile warranty!

For the Gen2 Speed3 they come with the following spring rates:
Front 7KG/MM
Rear 6KG/MM

Everything basically comes preassembled from Pedders out of the box which takes the guess work out of torque specs.

Very high quality and attractive front upper mounts.

I would suggest unpacking the entire contents of the box to ensure that all parts are accounted for.

If you have access to a lift this will make things much easier for you. Go ahead and zip the wheels off.

To start the removal process of the stock strut assembly you will need to pull the abs harness out of the 2 brackets – one on the strut and one on the vehicle, remove the clip holding the brake line and remove the endlink nut.

Carefully unclip the harness from the abs sensor and move it aside to a spot out of the way of your work area. To remove the front struts you will need to remove the 19mm on the back side of the spindle. Once removed the service manual says to tap the spindle with a hammer so that the strut comes out the top of it. They must use some magical hammer because it didn’t work for me. If you have one handy grab an air hammer and go to town until the 2 are separated.

Next you will grab a 14mm and pull the 3 bolts on the top of the strut housing which are holding the strut assembly in place. *Ensure you have someone holding the strut from below otherwise once all 3 bolts are removed the strut will fall and potentially cause damage to surrounding parts.

Here is a nice side by side comoparison of the front factory strut/spring assembly and the Pedders coilover.

After removing both sides you are almost ready to install the Pedders. Before you do that you will want to set them next to each other to ensure the ride height is adjusted equally, this will make it much easier to adjust the ride height after they are installed on your car.
Also note the unit on the right side and the bottom silver collar position. To adjust ride height you loosen this collar and spin the housing itself. You will not adjust the spring seat and spring lock unless you plan on changing spring pre-load.

Installation of the Pedders coilovers will be the same process for removing the stock assembly but in reverse. You will want to properly torque the Pedders unit to the vehicle with the 3 washers and 3 nuts they supply for each side

Once the Pedders are properly mounted into the hub you will want to torque the bolt on the backside to 54ft/lbs.

Reinstall the factory endlink and don’t forget to reinstall the ABS line bracket and reattach the abs sensor harness back into their original spots. Ensure you reinstall the brake line and clip.

Now that the fronts are done you can move onto the rear.

To remove the rear struts you need to remove the bolt on the lower part of the strut.

Remove the swaybar endlinks and swing it down out of the way.

Remove both nuts holding the upper strut mount and remove the factory strut from the vehicle.

To remove the factory spring loosen the inner nut and remove the outter bolt so that the lower control arm can swing down. Be somewhat careful since the spring is somewhat loaded and can pop out.

As with the front ensure that you have the length of the left and right rear struts are the same and go ahead and install and secure with the 2 nuts.

Next you’ll assemble the spring, spacer, spring seat, spring lock and the rubber isolator. The lower red circle is where the end of the bottom coil on the spring will seat in the lower control arm. Ensure you have the length of these units adjusted the same from left to right and reattach the lower control arm to the hub.

Once you’ve gotten the lower control arm reattached to the hub install the lower strut mount to the hub. This part is a bit tricky and requires some force to line up the holes properly. *Be very careful and ensure the bolt threads up by hand easily*.

Once you’ve tossed the wheels back on and lowered the vehicle you will want to roll the vehicle back 2 car lengths back forward back 2 car lengths and back forward before assessing your drop height. The adjustments pictured above will basically put you at stock ride height. After getting the car to the height you are happy with make sure you get an alignment done immediately and ensure that the locks on the springs and struts are all tight.

And here are the results for Yurtle who is currently on 18×9 +45 TE37SL’s and 245/40/18 Falken Azenis:

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