How-To: Install Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port on Ford Focus ST 2013-2014

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Here’s a little blurb from Turbosmart:

“Created in 2010, the Kompact range of BOVs offer more versatility, higher performance, OEM fitment and less cost – everything you need. Kompact Series BOVs have been designed as a bolt-on replacements, offering superior flow, and greater structural integrity under boost – they will not give up.”

This BOV comes with shims for those vehicles that have a large amount of vacuum (which our cars do not) The spring itself is good for us, since you can adjust this BOV simply by twisting the top of the body itself, rotate it clockwise for a harder spring rate (for those of you at sea level) and counter-clockwise for a softer spring rate (for those in higher elevation) The purpose of this design is so you have a perfectly tuned BOV that will perform exactly how you would like it to. We left ours at the factory setting which seemed to be somewhere close to the middle.

So, on to our install/how to!

A few things you will need for this install:

1) Wobble socket adaptor
2) 3/8 drive ratchet
3) 3/8 drive extension
4) 5 mm allen key and socket
5) Crescent wrench
6) Needle nose pliers
7) Flat tip screw driver
8) Thread locker (for the bolts holding the BOV in place)

Now that we have gathered the tools needed for this install, let’s get started!

1) First thing you will need to do is get the car off the ground and secure it with either jack stands, or in this case, we were lucky enough to have a lift to use.
2) Take the passenger front wheel/tire off to access the factory BPV.

You can see it fairly plainly once you get under there to inspect. It’s a simple plastic housing with a rubber diaphragm and spring.

Get a little closer and you can get a better look at its location.

Here you can clearly see the three bolts securing it in place. They are 5 mm allen bolts and are fairly easy to get to. The only one that might give you just the slightest bit of trouble will be the bottom right as its proximity to the axle support bracket can be a little tight.

3) Now let’s get that vacuum line loose and pull it out of the way, another easy task, just simply squeeze the clamp with some needle nose pliers and pull it back and the hose will pull right off.

We just slid it to the side to get it out of the way as we won’t be needing this till we put the new BOV in place.

4) Time to pull those three bolts loose and get this factory BPV detached so we can get the new BOV in!

5) Now that we have the old BPV out of the way, let’s take a look at it’s replacement. Turbosmart always does such a great job of packaging. We chose the Dual Port design so we can have the option to have it vent to the atmosphere and recirculate. You can change this just by rotating the base of the body to close or open the vent port.

Here’s what comes with the product, there is an install cd with instructions on how to install it (not pictured) it contains a .pdf file with explanations of how to do it and what all those “washers” are for. Turns out the washers are the shims for higher vacuum situation that you would need to install if you were in need of them. We did not install any of them because our cars should work fine with the factory settings on the BOV

Here’s a good comparison view of the stock BPV vs the Turbosmart BOV you can see there is a substantial difference! You can also see the dual port design above the mounting flange.

6) Now, on to the install! You have to move a few things out of the way while installing the new BOV it’s a little tricky, but nothing terribly difficult. Slide it in place:

7) Then slip the support bracket for the wiring harness over the BOV and seat the valve in place. DON’T let the rubber O-ring seal slip out of it’s seat while doing this. Ours fell out and I had to put it back in, but once it was back in, it was good to go.

9) Throw the bolts in place and tighten them down ( We searched for torque specs but came up empty handed)

10) You can see here the issue with the vacuum line. It is designed from the factory to go straight into the vacuum port and here, the new BOV has the barb facing a 90 degree angle.

11) As it turns out, the factory line works just fine, it’s flexible enough that it slid right in to place without having to force anything, the only difficulty we had was getting the hose clamp in place, and even that wasn’t difficult

So, there you have it, all ready to go, installed and looking very good! Now let’s take it out and go for a drive to see what it sounds like!

Also available from RallySport Direct the Full recirculating blow off valve. If you would like to just retain the factory functionality with a better valve, that will perform more reliably at higher boost than the stock valve, this is the choice for you. *the dual port BOV will do re-circulation AND vent to atmosphere*




  1. ChrisRoss2says:

    Can you adjust it to where it can only vent to atmosphere or only recirculate? I want as much sound from it as possible.

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