How-To: Install Prova Front Fender Emblem on 2013+ Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

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I have wanted to install these for a while, well pretty much the first time I saw them, I knew they would be on our car. Before I got started, I laid the kit out to make sure we had everything and that it was in good condition. Everything looked perfect, so we started the install!

The side vents come off very easily, you essentially just grab and pull, but there is some double sided sticky tape towards the rear, and 6 clips along the whole vent. I found by pushing the 2 front most clips out from behind the fender allowed me to grab the vent and easily remove it. But you could easily start with the rear of the vent as well.

Once the old vent is off, you will want to make sure to remove the sticky tape that is left over from the old vent on the fender. Goo gone seems to work pretty well for this, or just go old fashioned elbow grease will do the trick in a pinch as well.

Prep the new vent and fender by using the supplied alcohol wipe to clean all of the dirt and grease off the new vents and the fender. Make sure to do a couple of passes, as you would be surprised how dirty the parts are.

Now use the supplied tape to go around the edge of the Prova vent, they tell you exactly where this needs to go in the included instructions.

Once you have the tape on, you can secure it to the fender, just make sure to line it up along the door frame to everything sits flush.

Once placed in the fender you can secure the 2 nuts to the backside of the new vent.

The upper front bolt is easy to get to from the engine bay, but the rear most lower bolt will require you to remove the inner fender liner, or if you are small like myself, you can get away with not removing the whole liner, but it was a tight squeeze.

Nut you can access from the engine bay:

One will require access from the lower fender:

According to the instructions, the torque on these is 1 kg/m, if my math is correct that should be 7 ft/lbs, so they do not require much force.

Once the new vent is in place and secure, use the alcohol wipes to clean the recession for the Prova emblem.

Carefully remove the backing on the emblem, and carefully put them in place.

I found using the upper line to be the most helpful in getting these straight and even.

Repeat the process for the other side, and enjoy your new side vents!

I must say, I LOVE these vents! It is a very nice but subtle addition to the car, much like the JDM side markers, where it really adds to the overall feel and look to the car, but you just can’t quite put your finger on what is different. Well unless you are a JDM junkie, then you could spot them from a mile away. The install was pretty easy, and they fit like OEM. Plus they just look gorgeous on the car! 




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