Albino Rhino >>> Whiteline Swaybars, Eibach Springs Video!

After our last bit of mods and video, we wanted to restore our BRZ to the fun car that it was. There was no denying that it was fun with sticky tires and springs, but it lost its ‘spunk’ so to say. We really wanted to restore the cars characteristics. That brought us to the next obvious modification, sway bars. Whiteline came through with their 20mm fixed front and 16mm adjustable rear. After installing them, the car came back to life!

Check out the in depth write-ups on the currents parts installed here, but we can all say that this is Ricks favorite mod thus far.


The Albino Rhino BRZ Suspension Test w/ Whiteline Sway Bars and Eibach Pro-Kit

The Albino Rhino BRZ Stock Suspension Test


Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
Whiteline Com ‘C’ Caster/Camber Adjusting Strut Mounts
Whiteline 20mm Front Sway Bar
Whiteline 16mm Rear Sway Bar


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