New Product >>> Tomei 2-Way LSD for the BRZ/FRS

Just wanted everyone to know we just received the Tomei 2-way LSD. When I arrived at the shop today, there was a distinct smell of gear oil, using my keen sniffer, I was able to located this beautiful LSD sitting in our PhotoBooth. I always get excited when I get to play with mechanical components in the raw, but when I learned this was for the BRZ, I must have blacked out, as I woke up next to our BRZ with my hands covered in gear oil. Apparently I was so excited, I wanted to install it in the BRZ right then and there. 

Now we all know the BRZ comes with a torsen LSD diff from the factory, so what makes a clutch type LSD so much better? Well when both tires are in contact with the road, really, both diffs will keep both tires spinning, so not much to gain in that respect. But what happens when your car gets a bit anxious and lifts a leg around a tight corner like a nervous puppy? Well, with the stock torsen diff, your power goes to that sweet free wheelin’ tire, spinning the air like it is trying to spawn a tornado. Most Auto-X courses have a strict no tornado policy, so you may opt to install a nice proper mechanical LSD, and when your car gets excited and lifts its tire with a clutch type LSD, the clutches say no dice, “Pardon me sir, I noticed one of your tires got angry and left the ground, we’ll do you a favor and keep grips on it, as well as your well behaved tire over there on the ground.” and will continue to keep its grip on both tires, allowing your car to accelerate through the corner, even with just one drive tire on the ground. Pretty sweet eh?

Well it gets better. Being that Tomei is a premier manufacturer of LSD’s, their diffs are fully adjustable. You can change the initial torque settings on the diff, and also convert it from 2 way to 1.5 way if needed. And that brings up a great question… what is a 2-way LSD, compared to a 1.5 or 1 way LSD. Well you have come to the right place my friends, gather around and Professor Rickybobby is gonna teach you about LSD’s.

2-way LSD.

Depending on the initial torque you have the diff set up, this diff will be Locked when you are both on the gas, and on the brakes. and you can change when it “locks” based off the initial torque settings. So just coasting around, the diff will not be locked, but with the car in gear, hop on the gas or brakes, and that sucker will lock like there is no tomorrow.

1.5-way LSD.

This will be fully locked when accelerating, yet will allow for a bit of slip when braking. So you can think of it being fully locked(1) during acceleration, and “half” locked (.5) during braking.

1-way LSD

This lil LSD will only be locked during full acceleration, and open during braking. This might be ideal for a front wheel drive car, as when approaching a corner, and during a corner when braking, you want both front(drive) wheels to be independent, to not induce so much understeer.

Oh wow, quite the amount of dribble I just spewed, so lets get to the cool stuff, the LSD!!!!


Tomei Technical Trax Advance Rear LSD 2 Way Subaru BRZ 2013 / Scion FR-S 2013

Tomei Technical Trax Advance LSD has been evaluated for its highest performance in the race industry. Tomei Technical Trax offers highest durability, strength, and usability with years of experience in developing limited slip differentials. This LSD is packed with 20 advance clutch disks that improves transfer of power to the rear wheels. This differential is great for the track and drifting.




  1. micahgunnellsays:

    Thanks for that detailed explanation! I’m quite the novice when it comes to these things, so I appreciate hearing them explained simply and succinctly.  I remember playing Gran Turismo years ago that for some cars the 1.0 worked better and for others the 1.5, or 2.0. I don’t remember now, but I’m guessing most of those that didn’t work with the 2.0 were FWD.

  2. Glad that we can be education sometimes, if you have any questions and writeup suggestions feel free to post them up here 🙂

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