Recap >>> Lap Battle Time Attack #4 presented by RallySport Direct

Scorching weather met our racers this NASAUtah weekend at Miller Motorsports Park.  High temperatures affected our racers as they battled high water and oil temperatures, and worked very hard to maximize their lap times on greasy tires.

The Lap Battle time attack series presented by RallySport direct began with some decent lap times in the cooler morning, but our competitors soon found the heat robbing precious time in the later sessions. Lots of friends stopped by to check out the action, including Kiril and Jasmin from RSD, we even had a special appearances from Brody Hamblin and his sexy new BRZ, and Alex Pasquin from ZipTie dynowerks

RaceCo was gracious enough to host our awards ceremony, providing precious water, and food to help our racers recover!  At the end of the day, Shawn Murphy took home yet another victory for the away team, clinching limited AWD with a 1:44.64, and RallySport direct will be sponsoring his July event entry! RSD was on hand to hand out a few extra prizes to our other hard working participants, Max Pollock came in second in limited AWD, posting a time of 1:47.236 and taking home $25 dollars in RSD gold.  Sally and Richard waged their own war for 3rd and 4th, but unfortunately Richard had made many changes just days before the event, he wasnt able to keep tires under the car and was forced to retire early, yielding 3rd place to Sally’s 1:52.355.

Park Beutler debuted his incredible Z06, set fastest time of day with a 1:40.347, won unlimited RWD and took home his own RallySport direct entry sponsor for the next round.  Park drove the car all weekend, and just to show how reliable and easy he has developed his C5 platform to be, Park even had his lovely wife Kirsten come out on Sunday and gave her some solid HPDE-1 lessons in the monster.  I keep hearing about this cars random appearances on the street, and I always like seeing race cars driven to and from the track!

Aaron Failner snuck in quietly, stomped around in his Unlimited FWD civic, which he also drives to and from the track, and ran an impressive time of 1:49.988.  Im pretty excited to say we may have a new challenger in the works for Aaron so stay tuned, there is a hard working Focus lurking in the HPDE groups, might be a good challenge for Aaron!

A heated competition between BMW M power shook out in the street RWD category.  Vincent McAllister brought out the big guns with his amazing supercharged E92 M3, posting his mark at 1:51.286, but James Horton managed to just edge into 2nd place by just 1/100th of a second.  But neither of these heavy hitters could do much about Josh Bennets incredibly fast E46 M3, proving there is still some life left in the older 3 series chassis.  Mr. Bennet found a half second over his V8 powered opponents running a 1:50.726 and received the RaceCo hard charger award for working hard to stay ahead of his two strong competitors.  RaceCo will be sponsoring Josh’s next event entry, and RallySport Direct awarded Josh $50 in RSD credit for being the fastest street class car of the day.

Unlimited AWD presented another close battle for top honors.  Brendon Stewart had been putting forth a herculean effort to have his Mitsubishi Evo ready, working well into the wee hours of race morning, everything seems to have paid off as he managed to take top honors in Unlimited AWD with a time of 1:44.657.  Scott Corsetti marked his triumphant return by getting right into this heavyweight competition, Greg Valdez managed to just beat out Paul Vu for 2nd place with a 1:46.572, and Scott never let up the pressure, less then .5 seconds separated these 3 after the dust settled.

Chris Neria came back to show he still has the skills, driving his bone stock Audi to a tire blistering xxx.  Demonstrating it doesnt always take fancy parts, sometimes just a little crazy is all thats needed.

NASAUTAH would like to take a moment to thank all of its racers for supporting us, and a special thanks to our Lap Battlers for helping out with our new faces in the HPDE-1, and 2 groups.  Todd Ainsworth, Josh B, Rod Kujaczynski, Allan Anderson, Monte Frazier, Park Beautler, and Chris Neria really came through for us this weekend.




















Words: Matt @ LapBattle

Photos: Jasmin @ RallySport Direct



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