The Albino Rhino 700 Mile Update


What a Real Update for the Albino Rhino BRZ? That’s right, I wanted to put some more miles on the car before giving another update. So we have almost 700 miles on the car now… so….close…to…break in! We are going to wait until the factory recommended 1000 miles to really start beating on this car, so hopefully we will break the 1000 mile mark before the beginning of next week, and if we do, I will do a fresh oil change on it, and we will be sending it our local dyno, ZipTieDynoWorks for a baseline dyno and perhaps just one very small power mod(don’t get too excited), just to see what this pale rhino can do. Of course we will be posting up the results of the dyno so stay tuned for updates on that.

Wait.. this was supposed to be an update on the car…right…

Okay, so the car. Well one thing I did notice for sure was after the first few hundred miles everything started to feel better. The engine felt smoother and like it was more happy to rev for us, it seemed to take less effort on its part to move us around. The way the car felt to me was also better, now I am sure it did not undergo a special ops under the radar surgery, I think it is all in my head, and I blame this all on the hype leading up to the release of the car. In my head I had built this perfect little car made from my favorite car manufacturers, Toyota and Subaru, but when reality hits the road, I was left a bit disappointed. I was thinking, “What happened to the car I had imagined”, and well that car does exist, but I think you will find a prancing horse on it, and not a boxer badge. So I feel that it took some time for these unrealistic expectations to leak out of my head, but once they did, all I can say is that I love this car!!!! What a blast to just go for a cruise in it, the car feels to balanced, nimble and quick, and I love that I can feel the rear LSD as I am accelerating through a long bend, everything feels exactly as it should, and everything feels “together”. I love this car the more I drive it, especially when I just go out for a drive, not thinking about the car, not thinking about what I am going to write about, but just letting the car do its job, and that is making me smile and removing all thoughts of work, stress and other not so fun things, I just drive, I find myself focusing on the actual event of driving. It’s a weird feeling when you can really feel what a car is doing, you become more and more one with the car, your mind starts to shift its focus on the road, that next turn, blipping the throttle while on the brakes, and executing that perfect rev-match downshit, everything else just becomes a blur, and for that I could not ask for anything more out of this car.

But since you are probably like me, you can’t leave a good thing alone, so naturally we will be throwing some mods on the car. I won’t go into the full details here as they are a bit fuzzy to me at this time, but do expect us to address the suspension first. I am thinking that front and rear swaybars along with some nice tires will really bring this car to life without compromising the daily comfort or drivability. We will see if my predictions are right 😉 We will let you know how it turn out. Stay Tuned!


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