Albino Rhinos first Oil Change


Tools needed: 14mm socket or wrench, ramps or jack and stands, oil drain bucket, small funnel, fresh oil, and oil filter. Gloves and shop rags are very nice but not required.

Time Required: I would give yourself about 30 minutes to complete the oil change.

Difficulty: One of the easiest oil changes I have done.


Tools Needed:


First I like to make sure the car is somewhat warm but not hot. You will want to drive your car up onto the ramps, or jack the front of your car up with a jack and make sure to secure it with jack stands. Pop the hood and locate the oil filter and oil filler cap on the front driver side(left side) of the engine bay. Take off the oil filler cap and put it aside in a safe location.

Next go under the car, and you should see the large metal under plate, and you will notice a large access hole, this is where you will be able to access the oil drain plug. Take your 14mm wrench and loosen the oil drain plug, and make sure your oil drain bucket is close at hand so you can get it directly under the oil flow path as you are removing the oil drain plug.



As oil is draining, you can start to remove the oil filter on the top of the engine. With the filter being on the top of the engine, you should not have to worry about the filter spilling oil as you remove it, should be a very clean removal. Once the filter is off, I like to clean the mating surface of the engine to ensure a leak free seal on the new filter.


Install the new filter and tighten down to manufacturer or oil filter specs. Once you have let the oil drain for a sufficient time, you can screw the oil drain plug back in the oil pan and torque to factory specs.





Last step is to fill the engine with oil, we used a small filter which will help keep any oil off the engine. Subaru states the oil capacity is 5.8 quarts, but ours did not take quite that much, so I would fill it to around 5 quarts and check the oil level, and top off if needed.

Put the oil cap back on, start the engine and make sure the oil light turns off. Get out of the car and check for any leaks. Once you have confirmed there are no leaks, double check everything, and enjoy your fresh oil! Now go for a drive!!!


We decided to use the Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug on this oil change, the part number is M16X1.5X12 which is also the dimensions of the oil drain plug. The new Dimple plug will use a 15mm head, so if you do go this route, make sure to have a 15mm wrench handy as well. We also used the Prova Sports Oil filter, part number 10000SP0010


Link to Dimple Drain Plug:


Link to Prova Oil filter:



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