Lap Battle Round 1 Results

Rallysport direct presents Lap Battle motorsports Round 1.

March 31st kicked off our racing season, we saw NASA Utahs first endurance race, and Lap Battle time attack competing on Miller Motorsport Parks outer perimeter configuration.  Drivers had to negotiate high winds, giving up precious seconds of lap time due to increased drag, and stiff headwinds.  We had plenty of sunshine to get the track up to temp, and lots of track time to take advantage of.   Lap Battle saw a wide range of cars running, from Honda civic daily drivers, to C6 championship race cars. And even a Nascar Car of Tomorrow!


George Smith won our unlimited RWD, driving what some might consider overkill, his well prepared C6 ST1 race car.  George also managed to put down the fastest overall time with  2:03, and RSD is stepping up to sponsor Georges next entry in the premier time attack series of MMP.  RSD didn’t stop there, they picked the fastest limited car and paid for his next entry as well.  Shawn Murphy stepped up big time this year and took home those honors in his limited prepped AWD STI, running a 2:11 and out pacing his competition.

Not strangers to the RSD Lap Battle podium, Gordon Anderson clinched Street FWD, and took home the RaceCo hard charger award running a 2:19, and Zane Miller cleared house in unlimited AWD running a 2:06.  And while our friend Bob Evans could not actively compete with our Lap Battle legal cars, he put on a great show driving his Nascar COT to a time of 2:05 in his final session, always impressive to see a real ground pounder in action.

We also saw many regular and friendly faces over at the ZM Pirate lounge, everyone over there doing a great job providing a social environment that only helps grow the motorsports community, all while balancing their racing schedules, high fives to you Track Pirates.


Follow the link for Lap Battle session 4 results!


— Matt @ Lap Battle


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