COBB Turboback for 2011 STi (Video)


When Eric over at JDM Legends asked whether or not we wanted to volunteer our 2011 STi to be the test bed for the COBB turboback exhaust system, we said hell yeah! With COBB being one of the premier companies in the Subaru world and a reputation for designing and creating quality parts, we knew that we would be in good hands. This was confirmed when we picked up the car a week later after dropping it off. What we got was a finely crafted downpipe and catback exhaust system which worked well with the look we were going for. For pictures, check out this POST. Seeing as how our car is now equipped with a turboback, we can now flash the Stage 2 map over with the COBB AccessPORT which will allow us to run more boost, broaden the powerband, and make  significantly more power. More win!

The car did look mean before but it definitely did not sound the part. But now, we can hear the rumble that we all have come to know and love! Check out the video to see and hear for yourself.

Just remember that the exhaust on our car is a prototype and will undergo some minute changes. The tips will be slightly more tucked since we thought they stuck out just a tad too much. Other than that, these badboys should be available here shortly ready for those waiting for a turboback exhaust for the 2011 STi. Thanks for pimping our ride Eric and COBB Tuning!

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