Some close up love of our COBB Prototype Exhaust

Here are the pictures you have all been asking for… the COBB Exhaust.  We have heard your demands, and present you these pictures.  Now, this IS a prototype exhaust made for our car.  The production version will be almost identical though, with the exception of the tips being tucked in just a tad more.  Keep an eye out on our website for when you can buy this exhaust!


  1. Scargodsays:

    I like the sound. I wonder why the “Y” can’t be moved forward (nearer to the rear differential), and the two sharp bends before the muffler, on each side, be softened a bit?
    Though it may be “street”, why not maximize what you can do to improve flow?
    I would buy it if I felt this were the case. Perhaps I’m not seeing all the clearance issues?

  2. @Scargod

    Remember, this is just a prototype design made by Cobb. The production version will be different.

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