How-To: Install Prova Steering Wheel on 2008+ Impreza WRX

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This is a detail how to install of the Prova D Series Steering wheel for the 2008+ WRX/STi Models. The install will be identical to also the O series.

Innovation is steering wheel design has never felt so good. Prova is proud to announce the new series of OEM replacement steering wheels that allow you to retain all the factory comforts and safety benefits, while getting a sporty and comfortable steering wheel.

Features a Micro Suede and Alcantara wrap to give you a feel that you never want to let go. Not only comfortable, soft, and good looking, these materials are durable as well.

Allows you to retain the Factory air bag, stereo controls, and Cruise Control.
Direct factory replacement means you do not need any hub adapters to make this fit.

358mm (14.1″) diameter, compared to the OEM 375mm (14.75″). Giving you a sporty feel that is much more enjoyable to hold.

WARNING: If you are not familiar with SRS AirBag system, please have a professional install this. Neglect to do so can cause serious injury and or death.

Time for install: 20min-1hr depending on skill level

Tools Needed:
Small Flat head screwdriver/pick
Phillips screwdriver
T30 Torques bit
17mm 1/2″ drive 6 Point Socket
10mm socket/wrench

1) Disconnect one of the batteries Terminals from the Battery. Using a 10mm Socket/Wrench

2) Get in the car and press on the brakes to use up the remaining voltage that might be stores in some electronic devises.

3) Grab the T30 Torques bit and use it to loosen the airbag from the steering wheel skeleton. The bolts will be on the left and right side of the steering wheel. One on each side

4) Once the hardware is loosened, proceed to slowly pull the airbag out of the steering wheel.

As you can see the airbag is still connected electronically, so be careful.

5) Look on the back side of the airbag and you will see 2 clips. Get the pick or the small screw driver and pop up the center section. Do this to both clips.

6) Once the clip is popped up pull on the connector and disconnect it from the airbag. Do this to both connectors.

7) Then find the gray wire and push in the small metal tab, and pull up on the tab itself to disconnect it from the back side of the airbag.

After This the airbag unit can be taken out of the steering wheel.

8) Once the airbag is out, proceed to take out the white clip. This has a small tab on top that needs to be pressed down and then the connector will come out.

9) Move the steering wheel at this point to lock it in place. This will allow you to loosen the nut with out having the wheel move. Take the 17mm (MAKE SURE ITS A 6 POINT) socket, and remove the nut the hold the steering wheel to the steering linkage.

10) Once the nut has been removed, proceed to wiggle the steering wheel towards and away from you until it comes off the shaft. This will take a little effort, but does not require a puller. Once the wheel is off proceed to move the connectors out of the way and take the steering wheel off.

11) Once the wheel is off, proceed to take the Phillips screw driver and remove the 2 bolts that hold the back side plastic cover off the wheel.

12) On the bottom of the wheel, a C shaped brackets hold the bottom of the back cover to the steering wheel. Apply slight pressure to each one and spread them to pop the back cover off.

13) Proceed to lift up the rear cover to get access to the 2 bolts that hold the controls pieces on for the Radio and for the Cruise Control.

14) Get the Phillips screw driver and remover these bolts.

15) Once the bolts are removed, proceed to take remove the controls off the steering wheel.

OEM Next to the Prova D Shape

The way the image was taken it makes them look the same size. However the Prova is Smaller.

16) Put the side controls into the new Prova Wheel, and reinstall using the same hardware as you took off.

17) Realign the back cover plastic piece and re-secure the lower C clip around the wheel.

18) Get the 2 bolts that hold the backing cover and re-secure them to the wheel.

19) Once all the small bolts have been secured, put the steering wheel on the shaft. Make sure to align the 2 plastic pins with the holes in the steering wheel. These are your automatic blinker return along with steering wheel angle sensor, and also a way to make sure you put the wheel back into the same position as you took it off. Once aligned use some force to gentle push the steering wheel onto the shaft.And get it to sit down as much as you can.

20) Reconnect the white clip, by just pushing it in. If its taking allot of effort, you might have the clip upside down. You will hear a small clicking noise when it goes in.

21) Proceed to hand tighten the nut, to prevent any cross threading.

Followed up by torquing it down to 45newtons/meter (or about 38ft/lbs)

22) Reconnect the airbag connectors and push in the center clips.

23) Reinstall the Gray wire by pushing it onto the connector.

24) Get the airbag and place it in the steering wheel, proceed to get the T27 Torques fitting and HAND tighten both sides of the airbag into place on the steering wheel.

25) Once hand tighten. Grab the airbag with your hands and genteelly tug on it to make sure that both bolts are secured into the wheel. If secured proceed to tighten both Torques bolts down.

26) Double Check to make sure that everything is secured. Grab the wheel and make sure there is no abnormal play in it. This should be just as rigid as the stock unit.

27) Reconnect the battery.

28) Start the car and make sure that the SRS airbag light turns off as normal. If it stays on, you made a mistake and MUST address it prior to driving the car.

29) Enjoy the new Prova Steering wheel!

Please post up if you have any questions or concerns regarding this install.

Kirill is in no way shape or form responsible for any damages or injuries that might occur during or do to the install of this product or do to the how to. This is a how to write up, that should be used in conjunction with the OEM manual, and should only be performed by a professional.

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